How to Boot Recovery Mode on LG L Fino

recovery-mode-LG-L Fino

If you are looking to reboot LG L Fino into the recovery mode then you can do that with the help of this small post. Here are the instructions

What is Android Recovery:

Before you get into booting the phone into. A recovery mode, let us see that what android recovery really is. Android Recovery is a system menu which is installed on every android phone and it helps to perform many tasks in an emergency or otherwise which cannot be done from phone interface itself. It helps to do things like wiping the system cache, applying manual updates, flashing roms etc.

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How to Boot Fastboot/Download Mode on LG G Pro Lite

Here is a post which will be helping you to boot your LG G Pro Lite into the fastboot mode. Or also as many people call it, the download mode.

What is Fastboot/Download Mode?

For the people who really don’t know that what it is. Here is some of the brief information about it, which will be helping you to have an idea about it. Download Mode or the Fastboot Mode is a mode which helps the user to connect the device to a Computer or a Laptop and then flash some files using it.

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