Android Rooting | What is it ?

What is Android Rooting, Is that the question that is eating up your mind ! You are at the best place to clear your doubts and myths about Android Rooting.

Did your friend asked you to Root Your Android Phone ? and guess what you did’nt knew what it is . Dont worry just read on to know the best possible things to know about What is Android Rooting ?

What is Android Rooting

Explore your android’s potential after rooting it.


What is Android Rooting ?

Android Rooting is a process of allowing owners of Smart Phone & Tablets running on Android Operating System to attain a designation to get privileged control or Root Access over the Android Operating System Subsystem.

Oh What did That mean ?

In other words one can say that Android Rooting is a procedure to reach a state where you can term your android OS device to be a Rooted Device, which means that one has the access to change the inner core of the Android OS. As Android OS by Google Doesn’t allows us to Edit the inside of the awesome Platform one has to root his/her device to become a power user and experiment things with Android.

After Rooting one can install Applications Other than 3rd Party, May it be illegal. Yes now you own your device after rooting you may do whatever with it.

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As we root we just loose one Year Warranty provided by the company.But according to me its worth it.

“Rooting” vs. “jailbreaking”

Jailbreaking is a term Basically used in the Full-of-Restriction iOS world. Alsomaking you well aware that Jailbreaking an iOS device and Rooting an Android are really 2 diffrent things. Being more specific Rooting is the one third of the access that we gain after Jailbreaking.

What is Android Rooting

Lets see the differences form close. Apple violates the following permissions on iOS devices

  • Installing or booting into a modified or entirely new operating system (a “locked bootloader” prevents this)
  • Sideloading unsigned applications onto the device is also prevented
  • User-installed apps are restricted from having root privileges (and are run in a secure sandboxed environment).

And now considering Android into these terms we have 2 of the terms satisfied in the stock android version. That means android is pretty much developer friendly from the basic version. But the only one primary reason that makes an Android user Root his Android Phone is the Privilege of running Apps that Require Root access for working.

Android Rooting is Legal (Android OS being open Source)but one looses the 1 year warranty provided by the manufactures but JailBreaking has been stated Ill-legal.

How to Root Android ?

Interested enough in Rooting . Want to Root your Android Phone but Don’t know which method to follow. There are Plenty of processes for rooting androids. One may be safe for one but dangerous and risky for another it can be the other way round too. Each Android device has a specific way of rooting,May it be similar for similar devices like Rooting Galaxy Grand is quite similar to Rooting Galaxy note as both are manufactured by Samsung. But this process will never be useful in rooting any HTC Android  device.

Here we are !!  Just Search your smartphone in the search bar and probably we will be having a good safe method for each Smart Phone.And if by chance you don’t see your smartphone in the search results then just contact us we will get you the best safest method to Root your Phone.

Is Rooting Android Legel ?

Contrary to iOS it is legal to Root Android but at your own risk. You can never claim a company for a rooted smartphone. But Jailbreaking on iOS has been recently Banned and can lead to imprisonment.

Now you know what is Android Rooting !

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Incoming Search Terms

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  • What Is Root
  • Rooted Devices
  • Why Root Your Phone

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