Install CM 11 & Update Xperia Z1 to KitKat 4.4

Sony has announced the update Schedule for Kitkat update for Xperia Z1, but hey who will wait that long? If you’re dying to update your Xperia Z1 to KitKat, do not worry, you at the right place. Update Xperia Z1 and install CM 11. Follow the steps below.

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Before you update Xperia Z1 to KitKat:

There are a few things that you need to know before you update your Xperia Z1 to Kitkat 4.4. We will update by flashing CM 11 on Xperia Z1, and in the process we will need a custom Recovery installed on it. Also note that you will need a custom recovery installed o Xperia Z1, and also the bootloader must be unlocked for this process. So do not proceed before unlocking the bootloader of Xperia Z1. And then flashing the CM 11 will get you on Android 4.4 i.e. update to KitKat. Also note that if you are on any other ROM, the CM 11 ROM will not boot up, and to make that boot, we will first flash the “boot.img” file of CM 10 using the flashtool, and then flash the CM 11 sing recovery. You can get the boot.img file by unzipping the CM 10 file that you will download from the link below. Also you will need rot access, i.e., you need to Xperia Z1 before you start.



Here are a few things that you will need before updating Xperia Z1 to KitKat and installing CM 11.

  • A Computer or a Laptop with proper drivers installed for the device.
  • Also CWM must be installed, and bootloader must be unlocked of Xperia Z1. Only then this tutorial will work.
  • Now also make sure the device is rooted.
  • Flashing CM 11 on Xperia Z1 may delete all your data, so avoid data loss, make sure you make a proper backup first before starting the process. Read Backup Apps, Contacts, and Data using Titanium Backup
  • Also you will need flashtool, and also know how to use it.
  • Also download the firmware files from the Download links below. Also download the Gapps package, as the ROM does not have Gapps pre-installed on it.
  • Also make sure the phone has atleast 70-80 percent battery, as you might not want your battery juice to finish between the process and interrupt you.
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 Download CM 11 Xperia Z1:

Download the CM 11, all other files required for the process to update to Android 4.4 KitKat.

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Update Xperia Z1 to KitKat 4.4 Installing CM 11:

Follow the steps below to update Xperia Z1 to Kitkat 4.4 and install CM 11 onto it.

  • Make sure the USB debugging mode is enabled. You can enable it in the settings menu, and then developer options.
  • Now connect the device and  place the CM 11 and Gapps package onto the SD card of the phone.
  • Now disconnect the device.
  • Now power off the phone, and then plug the USB into the phone, so that you enter the fastboot mode. The LED will turn blue on successful switching.
  • Now flash the “boot.img” file from the CM 10, using the Sony Flashtool.
  • Now reboot the fastboot mode, and then enter the recovery mode. As you switch, the LED will turn Violet, then press Volume+ .
  • Now click on the option “install zip” and then “choose zip from SD card” and then select the file that you placed onto the SD card.
  • Now the phone will itself install the CM 11 firmware onto itself.
  • Now again similarly flash the Gapps Package.
  • Now wipe cache and dalvik cache by going into the advanced menu.
  • Done, Congratulations you’ve successfuly updated Xperia Z1 to Kitkat installing CM 11.
  • And also note if yu were already on a earlier version of CM, just flash the CM 11 in the recovery mode, no need to flash Boot.img file of CM 10.

So this was a short post on how to update Xperia Z1 to KitKat 4.4 and install CM 11 on Xperia Z1. I hope this helped 🙂


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