Update Xperia T LTE Android 6.0 Marshmallow using CM 13


In this post you will learn that how you can update Xperia T LTE to Android 6.0.1 with the help of CM 13 by flashing it on the device. The ROM will not only update the android version on your device, but also get in some cool customizations along with some performance teaks, which may be absent on your stock ROM.

Before Updating Xperia T LTE to Android 6.0.1:

There are some things, which you should be having a basic idea about, before you actually begin with the procedure to update Xperia T LTE to Android 6.0.1. We will be dealing with custom ROMs, so if this is your first time, and you don’t know much about them, it is advised that you take out some time and read about it, so that you at least have an idea that what really are you performing on your phone. Below is a brief introduction about custom ROMs, and please if you have been flashing roms on your device, skip this part, as you will find it utterly boring, and nonsensical given that, you already know about it. We will update Xperia T LTE to Android 6.0.1 by flashing the CM 13 on it. As you guys might, the CM 13 is based on the Android 6.0.1 so it will update your device when you flash the ROM on it, and get the device to updated version. Also along getting the android version updated, the CM 13 will bring in more features, and other customization out of the box, for the device, which will definitely increase the performance.


Pre Requisites:

Below is a list of things, which need your attention first before you begin with the procedure to update Xperia T LTE} using Android 6.0.1. So  make sure that you get them done, before you move ahead.

  • You need root access on your device, so make sure you root Xperia T LTE before.
  • Check and Verify the Root Access with the help of Root Checker Pro
  • After rooting, install a custom recovery, make sure it is the updated one and the latest.
  • Backup the important data on the phone, as it might get wiped during the process, and it is better to have a backup available at all times, if things go south.
  • Charge the device properly before so that it does not switch itself off in the middle of the procedure.
  • Download the ROM files from the section below.

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Below is the link for the ROM files, which you are required to flash on the Xperia T LTE to update it to Android 6.0.1. Link.


Below are the instructions which you need to follow so as to begin with the procedure to update the Xperia T LTE by flashing CM 13 on it. So let’s begin.

  • Copy and Paste the ROM file which you downloaded to the Root of internal memory, or the SD card.
  • Boot the Xperia T LTE into recovery mode.
  • After that, choose the option ‘Wipe Data’, and then confirm.
  • Then ‘Wipe Cache’, and then ‘Advanced’ and after that choose ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’.
  • After wiping the cache, data, and the dalvik cache, you head back to the main meni of the recovery.
  • Then select the option ‘Install zip from SD card’.
  • Select the ROM file, which you had earlier copied to the SD or root of internal memory in first step.
  • Confirm to begin the process, and don’t interrupt while the recovery is still flashing the ROM on the phone.
  • As it completes, reboot the phone, and then if needed, flash the Gapps on the Xperia T LTE similarly.
  • The first boot will take 15-20 minutes, so don’t interrupt it while it is booting, and wait till it boots.

This is it, with that you have successfully updated the Xperia T LTE to Android 6.0.1 by flashing the CM 13 on it. In case you faced any error, do get back to us in the form of the comments below, and we will try to sort it out soon. I hope this helps.

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