Update HTC Explorer to Jelly Bean 4.3 via CM 10.2

By this post you can update HTC Explorer to Jelly Bean 4.3 and Install CM 10.2 on HTC Explorer/ HTC Pico

Android 4.3 launched a quot but of time ago. And still the updates to some of the major phones haven’t been rolled out yet. So if you stick officially you might have to wait too long for a update if you have a high end phone but if you are a htc explorer user then you will not get the update anyhow. Even the HTC Explorer hadn’t resourced the jelly bean 4.2.update so there is no question about 4.3. But do not worry by this post you can install and update HTC Explorer to Jelly Bean Android 4.3. So read on further to have the latest version of the Android on your HTC Explorer now.


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Before installing Android 4.3 on htc explorer :

So before actually installing this Android 4.3 firmware on your HTC Explorer you need to know that this is a Cyanogenmod 10.2 based version. To be specific it is cyanogenmod 10.2 for htc explorer. The firmware is key stable and has no reported lags to Note. It is smooth and makes your phone run even faster and also you have the access too Android 4.3 gestures which are superb. Like the cyanogenmod build for htc explorer has features like:
1 Open GL 3.0 support.
2 focal camera app, which is brilliant.
3. New keyboard and better input methods to make the entering alt easier.
4. It is definitely more secure than any other firmware you will be finding for htc explorer.
5. Also Android 4.3 for htc explore via cyanogenmod makes your phone go a speed monster. There is no lag whatsoever and intact it improves the speed by a great fraction.
As this Android 4.3 firmware for htc explorer is not official you may be every careful while installing it on your explorer. Either follow this tutorial fully and you will be okay and you should be knowing what are you doing? Make sure you are having htc explorer only and not any other phone, as this firmware is only for htc explorer arduous may harm your device of you try to install it on any other phone.

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Update HTC Explorer to Android 4.3 :

Follow these steps to install and update Android 4.3 on htc explorer via cyanogenmod 10.2.

Pre requisites :

1. Make sure your device is htc explorer also named as htc pico, and my any other device.
2. Make sure your HTC Explorer is rooted and you have installed a vision recovery system like you have installed clockworkmod CWM recovery on htc explorer. If you have not done so, refer to the links below.



3. A computer and proper dinners for your phone should be installed onto it.
4. Make sure that you have enabled the USB debugging mode in the settings of your phone.
5. Phone must be already 70 percent charged.

6. Download the Firmware, CM 10.2 for HTC Explorer from the link below. Download the GApps package also.

Update HTC Explorer to Jelly Bean process via CM 10.2 :
Follow these steps to update your HTC Explorer to Jelly Bean 4.3.
1. Connect the phone to the computer and place the firmware file you downloaded in the SD card of phone.
2.Now disconnect the phone from thea computer.
3. Now reboot your phone into recovery mode.
4. Now spur data or factory reset your phone in the recovery mode itself.
5. Now choose option to install zip file from SD card.
6.Now close the firmware file you placed into the memory card.
7. Now the phone will install the firmware itself. After that Flash Gapps Package.
8. Now wipe cache position and dalvik cache of the phone.
9. Note reboot the phone and enjoy.
NOTE: As the phone boss first time it may take upto 15 minuets so do not very upset, just let it boot do not interrupt the process.

So this was a shot post to install cyanogenmod 10.2 or update HTC Explorer to Jelly Bean 4.3. I hope this helped. If you face any problem while in the procedure of updating your HTC Explorer to Jelly Bean do leave a comment below. I hope this helped.

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  • i have a problem gapps r not downloading in net can i update my htc without gapps

    suresh 2 years ago

    • Yes you can, but with that Play Store and other Google Services won’t run on the phone.

      Umpreet 2 years ago

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