Update Galaxy Mega 5.8 GT-I9152 to Lollipop

So do you want to update your Galaxy Mega 5.8 to Lollipop? Well welcome, here you will find a detailed tutorial that will help you do it with the help of 5.0.1 based Android ROM, named as Resurrection Remix. Also the tutorial is mentioned step by step, so let’s begin.

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Before you Update Galaxy Mega 5.8 GT-i9152:

You should be knowing that what really are doing in this tutorial before you set out to update your galaxy mega to Lollipop. We will flash a Android 5.0.2 ROM on mega 5.8, which will eventually take it to Lollipop version, as the ROM is based on it. Also when you install it on the device, it might also delete all of the user data on the phone. So make sure that you make a proper backup of the device. And also you will need to root your device before you begin and also install a custom recovery on it. don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, one guide is mentioned right below the pre requisites section. You can follow that. Also coming back to the ROM, it is stable and has many good featuers like:

  • Dark Material Theme
  • Quick-Smart Pulldown
  • Buttons
  • Battery mods
  • Heads up
  • Lockscreen Shortcuts
  • ClockColor options
  • Statusbar clock customization + second + fonts
  • Network traffic monitor
  • Toast animations
  • Add changelog
  • Listview animations
  • Navigation bar dimensions
  • Add Weather display to status bar header
  • Quick unlock
  • Overall Speed up system
  • Amazing Battery Life –
  • new music and audio fx app from cyanogen
  • Included all cm 12 features
  • And MORE..

What works:

  • WiFi Bluetooth
  • RIL (Calls, Mobile Data, SMS)
  • Sensors GPS
  • Camera
  • Everything else not listed under “Known Issues” section

Known Issues:

  • FM Radio does not work
  • Camera app sometimes crash on close
  • Unable to un-pin screen without rebooting
  • Both SIMs are always enabled (no way to disable one SIM)
  • Receive incoming call while data is enabled” is always enabled


Pre Requisites:

Before you rush to the tutorial to update galaxy mega 5.8 to lollipop, there are some things that need to be done in the first place. So below is a list which comprises of all those things, and you can go through them for first.

  • Make sure that the device is properly charged, as we don not want that it should interrupt in the middle of the procedure, and ask you to plug in the charger. So it is better, that you charge it atleast to 60 percent before you begin
  • Though in most cases, if you dirty flash the ROM, it does not delete any of the user data, but still if things don’t go right, you might end up losing the data on the phone.
  • So it is better to backup all your important stuff first, before you begin. You can refer to the guides mentioned below.
  • Backup and restore Contacts
  • Backup Apps, Contacts, and Data using Titanium Backup
  • Backup and Restore SMS
  • Download the stuff from the download section below, as it required for the procewdure to update galaxy mega 5.8 to lollipop, via flashing the Resurrection ROM.
  • Also you need to root mega 5.8 and installa custom recovery like CWM or TWRP on it. You can follow the link below for the same.

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So hit the download links below to download the files required, and transfer it to your SD card. Also note that so as to obtain the download links you need to unlock them, by performing any of the tasks given below.

How to Update Galaxy Mega 5.8 GT-I9152 to Lollipop via Resurrection ROM:

So here are the step by stpe instructions that will guide so as to update galaxy mega to lollipop, by flashing the Resurrection ROM with the help of recovery. Also make sure that you have gone through the pre requisite section once. So let us begin.

  • Transfer the ROM file and the Gapps to the SD card of the device.
  • Boot the phone into the recovery mode, which you can do by pressing the Volume Up, Power and Home buttons at the same point of time.
  • Now after entering the recovery mode. if you were on Stock ROM first, make a complete wipe. And if you were on a CM based ROM, then just wipe the cache and the dalvik cahce.
  • You can wipe the dalvik cache in the advanced options.
  • After that, choose ‘install zip from SD card”
  • Then navigate to the ROM file that you had placed on the SD card in the first step.
  • The recovery will flash the ROM file for you.
  • Then flash the Gapps.
  • Reboot, and you’re good to go.

So this was a short post that helped you to Update galaxy Mega 5.8 to Lollipop, and in case you face any errors, in the middle of the procedure, like any of the download links are not working or any other kind of error, you can get to us in the form of comments below, and our team would try to get back to you as soon as possible. I hope this helped. 🙂

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  • Im having a problem installing the rom file every time I install it my phone reboots in its original form please help asap

    Ryan hatch 2 years ago

    • Did you flash the rom cleanly, after wiping the data from the previous stock or any other rom for that matter?

      Umpreet 2 years ago

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