Unroot and Flash Stock ROM Galaxy Grand i19082

 This is a tutorial to Unroot and Flash Stock ROM on Galaxy Grand.

Samsung Galaxy Grand is a pretty cool device and a good option if you are looking for  medium range Smartphone from Samsung. Also there is a lot of development going on for the Samsung Galaxy Grand. There are a number of custom ROMs available for the Galaxy Grand and you can Root Galaxy grand and increase the abilities of the phone in great ways. But sometimes Custom ROMs can be a great mess. And then you wil definitely need to step back to Stock ROM. So if you’re looking for a tutorial to Flash Stock ROM for Galaxy Grand or a way to unroot Galaxy Grand, this is the post you would want  to read pretty badly. Go ahead it’s free! 😉


Things you  need to know before you proceed Further:

There are any things you need to know before you proceed further and start the tutorial. first off all this tutorial is only for unrooting and installing Stock ROM on Galaxy Grand i19082. I need not say that if try this on any other phone, it will get bricked and then I in any case would not be responsible for it. Also you need to know that when you install a Stock ROM you will loose the Root Access, in other words you will Unroot the phone. But if you want to keep the Root Access, use the “Root Keeper” app from the playstore. And it will safeguard the root access and then later restore it for you after you done installing the Stock ROM on Galaxy Grand.

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Pre Requisites to Install Stock ROM on Galaxy Grand:

Before Unrooting Galaxy Grand make sure you have a list of the following things. And then follow the steps in the procedure below to install stock rom on galaxy grand.

  • First off all, your Device should be charged upto 70 percent atleast. So that it does not die in the middle of the process.
  • You need to a Laptop or a Computer in which proper drivers must be installed, and in our case, since it is a Samsung Device, so make sure Samsung Kies is also properly installed on the respective computer or Laptop.
  • Also while Unrooting and Flashing a Stock ROM on Galaxy Grand, all the data on the phone will be wiped off, so you need to backup your important data. Read –> Backup appps, contacts, messages, with Titanium Backup.
  • After that enable the USB debugging mode in the Settings menu.
  • Also you need to have the Odin Setup, which will help us in flashing the Stock ROM.
  • Download the Stock ROM fie via the link below. You need to have select the Appropriate Stock ROM file.
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 Unroot & Install Stock ROM on Galaxy Grand:

Follow these steps to unroot the Samsung Galaxy Grand and flash a Stock ROM onto it.

  • First off all, connect your Galaxy grand to the PC or Laptop whatever you have.
  • Make sure you have the proper drivers installed onto it. And then run the Odin Mutli-Downloader setup.
  • Now if everything is well, and Odin recogonizes your device, the ID:COM section will turn blue, and it is an indication that it has read the device and we are ready to flash a stock ROM.
  • In case it does not turn Blue, you need to fix your drivers, and if that doesn’t work again, try using Kies and see whether it works or not, if it does not then USB cable might be damaged, or try re-installing the drivers.
  • Now reboot your phone, and enter the Download Mode. You can do that by pressing the Volume Down + Power+ HOME keys simultaneously and keep pressing them till the Download mode screen appears.
  • Now in the “PDA” section of the Odin window, select the Stock ROM file for galaxy grand that we downloaded.
  • Now click on Start button. And the Odin will flash the Stock ROM onto the Galaxy Grand.
  • And after succesfull installation it will say “PASS” and the phone will reboot. And Congratulations! 🙂
  • In case it says failed, try repeating the procedure it will completr after a number of attempts surely.

So this was how to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Grand and install Stock ROM on Galaxy Grand i19082. I hope this helped!  In case you face any problems do feel free to comment below.

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