Unroot : Flash Stock ROM Xperia Tipo ST21i

 Tutorial to Unroot and Flash Stock ROM on Xperia Tipo ST21i.

Sony Xperia Tipo ST21i is in the list of the cheap Android Smartphones, that have received much support from the third party developers. So if you Root Xperia Tipo, there are endless opportunities and things you can do in your phone, in which changing and flashing a custom ROM is just the start. And installing a custom ROM on your device can be helpful, as it allows you to add some great features and toggles to the phone, and also speed up the phone while we all know that the Stock ROMs are generally laggy, due to all the bloatware installed off-course. Also there might be bugs in theCustom ROM, but one great advantage of Stock ROM is that it will have no bugs guaranteed. So read the steps below to flash Stock ROM on Xperia Tipo, or in other words you will also lose the root access to your phone, so Unroot Xperia Tipo ST21i.



Before You Flash Stock ROM on Xperia Tipo:

Before we start the process to flash the Official Stock ROM for Xperia Tipo, there will be a few things we will need.

  • A Laptop or a Computer with proper drivers installed for your Xperia Tipo
  • Sony’s Flash Tool, for flashing Stock ROM onto Xperia Tipo. If you don’t have it download it via the download link below.
  • Atleast 70% battery, so that the battery does not discharge completely in the midst of the flashing process, and you end up bricking the device.
  • You also need to backup your data, as while flashing the Stock ROM on Xperia Tipo, all the data on the phone will be erased. You can have a look at the refer links below to read more about how you can backup your phone data, apps, contacts etc.
  • The Firmware files, i.e. the Flash File for Stock ROM on Xperia Tipo.

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Install Flash Tool and Flash Stock ROM on Xperia Tipo :

Now follow these steps to succesfully install the Flash Tool onto your computer or Laptop, and flash the Stock ROM file for Xperia TIpo ST21i.

  • Simple click on the downloaded file and install the Flash tool on your laptop and PC.
  • Now navigate to the folder where you have installed the flash tool. And there go to  “Drivers” folder, and open the program within the folder.
  • Now choose your handset model number, and “Flashmode Drivers” along with it.
  • drivers-for-flashtool
  • Now you need to place the Stock ROM file for Xperia Tipo, you downloaded from the link above, and place it in the “Firmware” folder located in the Flashtool folder itself.
  • Now run the Flashtool application. Ensure that the app is in “Flashmode” and then click “OK”.
  • stock-rom-xperia-tipo
  • Now a window will show up as shown in the screen, and now select the Stock File you want to flash on your Xperia TiPo. ( P.S. : Select  The File you Downloaded)
  • Keep the other settings same as in the screenshot above.
  • Now unplug the device and Switch it off, and then press the Volume Down button and plug it back into the USB Cable.
  • The process will start and should look like the screenshot.
  • And that’s it, Power up your Xperia Tipo, and you will boot into the Sotck ROM.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed and flashed Stock ROM on your Xperia Tipo, and also Unrooted Xperia Tipo ST21i.

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For Windows 8 Users:

The Driver installation might cause problem if you are operating on Windows 8. But do not worry follow the steps.

  • Go to settings, and then “Change PC Settings”.
  • Now in the “General” tab, scroll down to the “Advanced Start-Up” and choose “Restart Now” tab.
  • Now the PC will restart, now click on the “Troubleshoot” option.
  • Now choose “Advanced Options”
  • Now choose “Start-Up Settings”. Now click on the “Restart” button that displays on the screen.
  • Now when you get on the Startup Settings, just press the F& key on your keyboard.
  • Now go and reinstall the Drivers for the Flashtool and your phone. You will get a pop-up window , and then select “install Driver Anyway” and it should complete with no errors now.
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And then follow the same flashing steps as mentioned above, and flash Stock ROM for Xperias Tipo. So this was a short post on how to flash the Stock ROM on Xperia Tipo, and Unroot Xperia Tipo ST21i easily. I hope this helped. 🙂

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