Unlock Bootloader | HTC Explorer Pico | Easy Guide

Do you want to unlock bootloader of HTC explorer pico ? if yes then you are at the best place this tutorial is vewry easy and guides you to unlock bootloader of HTC Explorer Pico. Just read on the post to get details and how to queries all over the post get your HTC Explorer’s bootlocker unlocked.

Before you know why you need to root your precious HTC Explorer you must Know What is Android Rooting.

How to Root HTC Explorer Pico ?

Do you need ClockWorkMod (CWM) on your device ??

  1. Unlock bootloader of your HTC explorer
  2. Flashing a Custom Recovery over your HTC Explorer
  3. Installing SuperSU application to get Root privileges

So we are here on the 1st Step to Root HTC Explorer which is the unlock the bootloader of the HTC Explorer Pico.

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Do you really know what a Bootloader mean ?

The bootloader performs basic hardware initialization, verifies the integrity of the operating system, starts the operating system, and provides a method to update device software. This validation is important to verify that the software loaded on the device will not damage sensitive components (radios, processors, etc.) or violate regulatory or carrier requirements. Google provides a base bootloader as part of the Android operating system, and most device manufacturers optimize this for their specific devices.

What Do you mean by Unlock Bootloader of HTC Explorer Pico ?

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Unlock bootloader of htc explorer is the first step towards gaining root privileges. Some developers and enthusiasts unlock and root in order to experiment with applications or with custom builds of Android. Actually one may term it as a part of process to root HTC explorer pico. Needless to say, you should not attempt to unlock the bootloader unless you know what you are doing. Also know that thi will void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Unlock Bootloader of HTC Explorer Pico

  • Just head on to Regestration Page of HTC Dev
  • Provide all your original essential information in the registration form as they will be sending some details regarding unlocking bootloader specifically for you.
  • After successful registration just login into your account as a user and just head on to the Bootloader Section
  • Select “All other supported Models ” in the dropdown a seen in th picture below.
    unlock bootloader of HTC explorer Pico
  • Select Begin Unlock Bootloader
  • Read and accept all the Conditional Pop-ups. Then only you will be able to continue.
  • Now Before you begin Unlocking your bootloader you must have these files downloaded and installed onto your PC
    Download the files by just clicking on one fo the buttons below as the links are locked until then.
  • Now just continue with the procedure as on the htcdev website.
  • follow the instructions as given there. they are pretty easy to understand.
  • After doing the 1st 4 steps just skip the steps in between and jump to the 8th step of the inructions provided.
  • Now just head on to the destination here.
    My Computer>Local Disk C> Programs Files > Android > Android-sdk > Platform-tools
  • Hold Shift+Mouse Right Click And Select “Open command Window” Here.
  • Command prompt will be launched.
  • Now just enter the following text into the Command line.
    “fastboot oem get_identifier_token”
  • Now you will be seeing a window like in the image below.
    Unlock bootloader of htc explorer
  • Now you need to cut the token from “<<<< Identifier Token Start >>>>” to “<<<<< Identifier Token End >>>>>”.
    Unlock bootloader of htc explorer
  • Now copy the Token and paste it in the space provided on the instruction page after the Step number 10 under “My Device Identifier Token”.
  • Now just submit the token and you will get an email on the email address through which you registered within a minute witha file attached into it. named as “Unlock_Code.txt”
  • Now just place the File into the directory given below.
    My Computer>Local Disk C> Programs Files > Android > Android-sdk > Platform-tools
  • Now Execute The Following Command in Cmd,
    “fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin”
    Now You Will See The Following Screen On Your Mobile:
  • You have just done with the unlock bootloader of HTC explorer Pico
  • Now just head on to the root process of htc explorer which has the next step to install custom recovery.

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