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Do you wan to Unlock the Bootloader of your Motorola Moto G? If yes then you must know that you are at the best possible Website on the web to unlock your bootloader with a very easy short and descriptive tutorial to Unlock bootloader of your Motorola Moto G.

The Motorola Moto G has now been Officially announced by Motorola to be the most successful device uptill now. Even 30% of our friends own a Moto G. The Device’s capabilities are not questionable, the Quadcore processor and the GPU Adreno 320 are the best coupoled together to give the Moto Beast the Power to get to the new zenith’s of performance. The Optimum screen size and sturdy hardware and frame make the device more safe with a Corning gorilla glass 3. The decent Camera also is not a bad deal for Moto G at a genuine Price.

Well said about the sales, Now lets Continue to the Unlocking procedure of the Motorola Moto G. The Procedure is very simple as compared to any rooting or flashing tutorial on Android. So we will start with defining and knowing what unlocking bootloader of Moto G means to us, n what are the advantages and disadvantages of Unlocking bootloader of Motorola Moto G.

Do you really know what a Bootloader mean ?

Before you unlock the Bootloader of your Motorola Moto G you must know what actually Bootloader is.
The Bootloader performs hardware initialization, verifies the operating system that is has not been messed up, Boots the operating system, and provides a methods to update android. This validation is important to verify that the software loaded on the device will not damage sensitive components (radios, processors, etc.) or violate regulatory or carrier requirements. Google provides a base Bootloader as part of the Android OS, and most device manufacturers optimize this for their specific devices.

What Do you mean by Unlock Bootloader of Motorola Moto G ?

Unlock Bootloader of Motorola Moto G is the first step towards gaining root privileges. Some developers and enthusiasts unlock and root in order to experiment with applications or with custom builds of Android. Actually one may term it as a part of process to root Moto G. Needless to say, you should not attempt to unlock the Bootloader unless you know what you are doing. Also know that this will void your manufacturer’s warranty. but Don’t worry there always a going back by locking the Bootloader of your device. Now lets not talk more about Unlocking Bootloader of your Moto G rather Go and Unlcok it.

Pre-requisites to unlock Bootloader of Motorola Moto G

Here are some things that you need to follow or rather do it before moving on to the

  • Set USB Debugging to “ON”.
    Go to Settings>Developers Options>USB Debugging.
    If you dont have developers options, then go to About Phone, and tap 10 times on build Number.
  • Make sure you have Motorola Moto G.
  • Have a battery backup of more than 50% to make sure your device doesn’t goes OFF while the process goes on.
  • Get the Android SDK on your Computer.
  • Now make sure you have these things available right next to you to follow the next part of the tutorial.
    The Motorola Moto G Device.
    A good quality Micro USB Cable.
    Android SDK installed on your Computer.

After you have followed all these pre requisites then you are ready to go to the next part of the tutorial and unlock bootloader of your Motorola Moto G.

Unlock Bootloader of Moto G

TO unlock the bootloader of the motorola Moto G just follow the steps below and make it really easy with us.

  • As this tutorial is for every regional variant of the Motorola Moto G, so head on to the  Motorola website  and select the Regional device you have accordingly. See image for better navigation through the website
    unlock bootloader select motorola moto g varient
  • Now you will be redirected to a webpage with pre defined steps which are really easy to follow.
  • But still we have got alot more quesries with our short tutorial to unlock bootloader of the Moto G, thats the reason i will be explaining each and every step in detail to help you through the unlock boot loader process of your Motorola Moto G.
  • The 4 steps you will have to do are the following
    Unlock bootloader moto G steps
  • Scroll down this webpage and click on Proceed anyway, now to unlock Bootloader you need to login with either google account or with a  Motorola ID. Sign in with the same Google ID with which you have your Moto G synced.
  • As we have downloaded the required downloads , so skip the downloading steps and continue.
  • Procedure to get device ID and Unlock key to unlock the Motorola Moto G Bootloader.
    1. Switch OFF your Moto G
    2. Press and hold “Power button and Volume down button” together and connect your device to your computer with a USB cable.Fast boot mode
    3. Navigate to the folder where you have install “Android SDK“. (For example: “C:Android SDKsdkplatform-tools“)
      Mtorolla unlcok bootloader guide
    4. From there, open the command prompt by pressing “Left Shift + Right Click” and choose “open command window here“.
    5. Type the following command “$ fastboot oem get_unlock_data”
      motorola unlock bootloader moto g
    6. You will get code similar to the below image on your command prompt. The code you will receive will be like this.
      mtorola unlock code moto g
    7. Copy the code from the command prompt and paste it into notepad.
    8. Remove “(bootloader) or INFO” and white spaces from the code to generate your unique unlock code.
    9. Refer the unlock code specified in the below image.
    10. Now, copy the device ID string and paste it into the “Make Sure you Device Is Unlockable” on the webpage to make sure that your device can be unlocked or not. Click on button saying “Can my device be unlocked?
      moto g unlock bootloader root mya ndroid
    11. If you device is eligible then you will see a Request Unlock Key button and you’ll receive an email with your Unlock Key having 20-character alphanumeric code, which will help you unlock Moto X bootloader.
  • After This the main process begins to unlock the bootloader of your Motorola Moto g.
  • Now you need to Power OFF your Moto G and boot into fastboot mode, which we did earlier in this tutorial.
  • At the same time connect your Moto G to PC with the USB cable.
  • As we opened a command prompt, once again we need to open it and write the command “$ fastboot devices” to confirm if your device is connected properly to the PC.
  • Now, to unlock Moto X bootloader, simply enter the following code in the command prompt itself.
  • $ fastboot oem unlock <Insert your code here without braces>
  • The unique code is very different for all sets and devices so make sure you dont make any error while copying the unlock code.
  • If there is no error in the code then your device will get rebooted and it will show a pop up to confirm that your device’s bootloader is unlocked. that it .
  • Voila , you have successfully unlock the bootloader of your motorola Moto G

The tutorial is very easy for new beginners towards development, just follow this tutorial, we know that this is a bit long tutorial but this is the best and easiest method to unlock bootloader of your device.

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  • I can not get my unlock codes. Keep getting ‘$’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    Mark 3 years ago

  • Try it without the “$” … Enter “fastboot OEM unlock ” see if that helps

    Wil Jaggers 3 years ago

  • Have I to pay to have the code to unlock motorola bootloader from their website?

    YY 2 years ago

    • No, I don’t think so.

      Umpreet 2 years ago

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