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Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Alpha

So here are the best ROMs at present for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Just go through the list for the best ROMs which is a bit tested and is a mixture of personal preference.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is slated for September 2014 release. The Alpha is the first major metal cased smartphone released by Samsung, with all previous devices encased in plastic. (more…)

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Root Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch | How to | Easy

so probably you are browsing over the internet to get Easy risk free and descriptive tutorial on Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, and you are not able to get anything on the web that clears all your doubts about Rooting the Samsung galaxy Gear. So i would like to make you notice that this post will be enough to make you root the device and also to make you satisfied with each and every question you have deep inside your heart. (more…)

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