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Best Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia C

Sony Xperia C is a decent device from Sony. However after some time the interface of an android phone seems to hang and lack due to all the unwanted bloat, and the unwanted files that keep on generating. And the best way to get rid of them is to flash a custom ROM, for a change, and also to boost some of the performance of the interface, by changing it with a lighter one, or a new one. So if you are looking to flash some of the custom ROMs on your Xeria C, here are some of the ROMs which are worth considering for the job. So below are some of the custom ROMs for Xperia C.
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Read Blog Posts Offline without Internet on Android | How to


Have you ever been reading a blog post in the internet, and then your connection was terminated? It is frustrating, right, having to stop your reading just because you cannot be online.

You are not alone; I also used to feel frustrated and angry at times when that happened to me. But that changed one day when I realized that you don’t have to be online to read a blog post. It is possible to continue reading a blog on your android phone, even after your internet connection has disconnected.

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Best Android Wear Apps | Top Apps

Here are some Best Apps for Android Wear. The World is Leading in IT and So is it Penetrating into the Life of People. Phones are Apart the Watches have also lead us to the Level where we would not have even imagined before. So we are here with the Best Apps for Android Wear Platform. (more…)

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Best Fitness Apps for Android

So are you a Fitness Freak if you are then this Top Apps are for you. We here at Root My Android have Worked Really Hard to get a list of the Best Fitness Applications for android to you. Just go through the list below and install as many apps you want to track your fitness on your Beloved Android Smartphone. (more…)

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Best Audio Player Apps for Android

Listening to Music is a Must in Today’s Lousy and Hectic Lifestyle. Why Don’t you do it with the Best Apps available for your Android as it will get you the best you can make out of your Android.

What do you do when you are going out or just trying to pass your free time? The first thing that you would do in such a situation would be to grab your headphones or earphones and plug it to your Android device and listen to your favorite tracks. Almost every one of us is interested in listening to some kind of music like House, Hip Hop, Trance or just simple sounds. So if you too love to listen to songs

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Best Camera Apps for Android | Top Apps

So here we are with the Best Camera Apps on the Planet for Android. These Apps not listed according to the quality of the App. But these are the Apps which are tied for the 1st position for the Best Camera Apps for android. Just stay back and read on. Remember these are a personal preference over the Apps. so don’t get your Temper high on my selection rather you can correct me in the comment sections.


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Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia S

So here are some Best Custom ROMs for Sony Xperia S whihc can really help your Device to get better and faster than the Stock ROM for Sony Xperia S.

The Device is Really Good and is Really handy to carry. The hardware has no such bugs but when it comes to software and performance. Its where the Device gets it hard Test. The Device Needs To get the Bloatware off the Install. So here we all need Deodexed and better RAM managed ROMs that will help us. (more…)

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Install CWM | Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 | Easy

So we are here with another tutorial on how to install CWM after Rooting your android device that is install CWM on your Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300.

While Know that rooting and installing android recovery are two different things. One can Root without CWM and one can also install CWM without Rooting the Phone ! If you want to Root your Samsung Galaxy Pocket then just go through our detailed risk free and easy tutorial over here- Root & UnRoot Samsung Galaxy. (more…)

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