Stock ROM on Galaxy Beam i8530 – All Countries and Versions

If you are looking to install and flash stock rom on your galaxy beam, then hti sis the tutorial that is going to help you get the things done within minutes. So let us not wait further, and get you into it straight ahead.

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Before you Flash Stock ROM:

I hope everyone is familiar with what a Stock ROM is? If not let me brief you, stock rom is refreed to the ROM or ther interface which came installed along your smartphone when you bought it. The manufacturing companies install these stock roms on their devices. Generally they are tweaked and changed from thr pure android interface, like in our case Samsung puts touchwiz interface, which is a lot different from the pure andorid. And it can be annoying and slow too, as it contains a lot of unwanted appps and bloatware apps. So that is why geneerally people switch to custom roms, after rooting their devices. But sometimes custom roms can be a pain too. They can be buggy and so unstable, but stock roms on the other hand, though heavy are highly stable.


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Pre Requitsites:

Before you begin the process, and flash the stock rom on the phone, there are some things that you need to take care of in the first place, and they are as foollows.

  • Make sure that you have proper drivers installed on your computer or laptop.
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  • Enable  the , you can do that by going into the settings.
  • Make sure that the phone has atleast 70% of battery as you do not want the phone to die in the middle of the process of installing the stock ROM.
  • USB-Debugging-Stock
  • Also download the files given below in the download section.
  • Also in the process to flash stock ROM on Galaxy S4, all the  data on the phone will be lost. So it is advisable to create a backup before you begin.


Below is the Stock ROM file that you need to download. And after that follow the instructions given at the end, which will help you out so as to flash the stock rom on the phone as well. Also note that the download link has been locked, and you would have to unlock them before you can use them.

Instructions to Flash Stock ROM:

  • First of all boot the device into the Download Mode, and that can be done by pressing the Volume Down Key, Power Key and the Home Button at the same time for 6-7 seconds.
  • boot-into-download-mode-samsung-beam
  • After the device boots up, it will ask for confirmation, grant it, and let the device boot into the download mode.
  • Launch the Odin app on the computer, and also connect the phone to the computer with the help of a USB cable.
  • Now if the tool has successfully detected the device, the ID:COM section will turn blue below as in the image below.
  • Add-PDA-Odin-3.07
  • Now click on the PDA section, and select the ROM file that you downloaded.
  • After that make sure that all the other check boxes are as in the image, and then click on start.
  • The odin will then begin the procedure to flash the stock rom on the phone, and the ID:COM section will turn Green, and say PASS on completion.
  • Odin3.07-Flash-Completed-for-Samsung-Galaxy
  • Next disconnect the device, and let it finish the reboot, and you will have stock rom up and running on the galaxy beam.

So this is it, this was a tutorial and a method which helped you to flash and install stock rom on your galaxy beam. In case you faced any error, try repeating the procedure, and check whether or not the drivers are working properly, and if still it doesn’t resolve, contact us in the form of the comments below, and we would try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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