Flash Official Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy Pocket s5300

By reading this post you will be able to Flash Official Stock ROM for Galaxy Pocket s5300.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket s5300 is one of the cheapest Android devices available in the market. So as a result of its low price you may get a bit pissed off by its processor and RAM capabilities. So Rooting it, is the only way you can get some real work done by this Smartphone. Well once you have rooted your device the most common thing is changing the UI by Flashing a Custom ROM, but you may get into situations when you will have to get back to the stock ROM for Galaxy Pocket s5300. Suppose you want to sell your device, then you will have to Un-root your device and flash the stock ROM or you may just want to get back to original device after getting bored of flashing several ROM’s. If you are stuck in any of these situations no need to worry, in this article I will be giving you the complete and the best tutorial to Flash Stock ROM on you Samsung Galaxy Pocket, so lets start with some real work.


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Pre-Requistes to Install Stock ROM for Galaxy Pocket s5300:

Make sure you have all these needed things and other resources before we actually to start out and flash a Stock ROM for Galaxy Pocket

  • Make sure that you device has some juice in its battery nearly 60-70% to avoid any risk of hanging up the process while flashing the Stock ROM
  • Make sure the USB debugging mode is enabled. It can be managed under the settings.
  • The data on your phone might get erased while flashing, so don’t forget to backup appps, contacts, messages, with Titanium Backup.
  • Also you need a PC with the drivers for your phone installed. You can download drivers from here.
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Download Required to Flash Official Stock ROM for Galaxy Pocket:

  • Download the Stock ROM for Galaxy Pocket s5300 firmware file from the link given below
  • Odin Multi Downloader Setup, You may have to extract the Files and the Launch it
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Install Official Stock ROM for Galaxy Pocket:

Now assuming that you have taken all the above mentioned precautions lets start with the complete step-by-step guide to Install Official Stock ROM for Galaxy Pocket.

  • Double check that you have correctly installed the USB drivers for you Phone and Downloaded Odin
  • Switch OFF your device first
  • Now boot it in Download Mode, you can easily do that by Pressing and Holding the Volume Down button + Home Button + Power button till you see you phone starting up.
  • Now connect you Phone to the Computer and Open Odin ( Ensure that when you connect you phone is still in Download Mode.
  • To check that your device is connected successfully or not just notice the ID:COM boxes, once they turn Yellow means your device is now connected successfully.
  • Now in order to select the Downloaded ROM you want to flash, Simply Click on ‘PDA’ and click on the file which has the word ‘CODE’ in its name.
  • Now Click on ‘Phone’ and further click on a file which has ‘MODEM’ in its name (if any)
  • Now click on ‘CSC’ and click on the file which has ‘CSC’ in its name (if any)
  • Click on ‘PIT’ and click on the .pit file (if any)
  • Now if you have selected the .pit file in previous step check the Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time options.
  • Once you are done with all the previous steps, click on the Start Button in ODIN and waist for the processing to complete.
  • Once the installation is completed your phone will restart. Once your phone is all started up, you are good to go and unplug you device

That was all enjoy the steps needed to Flash stock ROM for Galaxy Pocket s5300. I hope you enjoyed. 🙂

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