How to Set Up ADB/USB Drivers for Android Devices

Many people never ever thought of using Android Debug Bridge (ADB) drivers but if you want to be more technical with your smartphone, here is guide as to how to set up ADB/USB Drivers for Android devices.

ADB driver root my android

USB drivers are needed by the users for connecting their android smartphones to Laptop or Mac or PC so as to communicate with the smartphone. Drivers are mostly need when we need to root our device. These drivers are really important when one needs to root their smartphone. You just need to download and install the drivers as per your smartphone and then only rooting process will start.



1.     From Google, download exe version of Android SDK

2.     Make sure while downloading it’s all saving in c:android-sdk

3.     Select SDK Manager, install packages

Check on Android SDK Tools

Android SDK Platform Tools

Google USB Driver Package, Revision XX (XX-highest number)

4.     Continue following the instructions until all the packages get installed

5.     Select USB debugging ON

Follow Settings>>>Applications>>>Development

Follow Settings>>>Developer options (Ice Cream Sandwich users)

6.     Using USB cable, connect your phone with PC. Install the drivers

7.     Click on Windows file explorer>>>C drive>>>android-sdk folder>>>platform tools

Hold shift key and click on the blank area

Open a command window

Command prompt with “c:android-sdkplatform-tools”

Windows XP users, this command will not work

Open via Start>>>Run>>>cmd and enter

8.     Command prompt, type “adb device” and enter

If your phone’s serial number pops up, then it means you are set but if not then you have to install all the drivers manually. Check out in next section.


1.     Download PDANet and install the ADB drivers

Follow above step 8

If you get your phone serial number, then you are all set otherwise checkout by following the STEP 8 above.
You can easily Download all the drivers from Download all USB drivers for Android.

2.     All you need is to download the drivers of your phone. Click on Device manager from your PC, search for your smartphone and click.

Properties>>>Update driver>>>Browse>>>Let me pick>>>Computer>>>Have disk>>>Browse>>>Select the drivers you downloaded.

root my android


1.     You need to download USBDeview

2.     Your phone still plugged in, click on USBDeview and start sorting the list by manufacturer. Find all the drivers of your android and delete them.

3.     After deleting, unplug and then plug in back your phone again using USB cable.

4.     The corrected version of your android drivers will start installing automatically.

5.     Click Start menu>>>Devices>>>Android Phone

Hardware tab>>>list of drivers (TYPE)

So this is the step by step guide of how to set up ADB/USB Drivers for android devices. You just need to follow all these steps above if you want to be technical with your smartphone.

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