How to Root Sony Xperia Sola | Easy Tutorial | 2 Minutes process

Do you want to Root Sony Xperia Sola ? if yes then you are at the right place with right amount of information required to Root Sony Xperia Sola in not more than 2 minutes. Its easy as it is. Just Follow away the process and you will end up Rooting.

I have already got a huge number of requests to find a simple easy fast and risk free tutorial for Rooting Sony Xperia Sola, So cheers to all you guys here im with the easiest tutorial online on Rooting Sony Xperia Sola. I have divided the post into a few parts, each one of which explains a few important things about rooting. So don’t miss any step and don’t miss any part or it can be disastrous for your android device.


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Lets Get the word spreading and continue with the process to Root Sony Xperia Sola.

There will be a few questions about rooting and about everything involved in it. So we have them all here well answered. the 1st question that will be what is Android Rooting ? just head on the link and know in depth what all is it about. Also if you are keen enough to know the Advantages and disadvantages of Rooting Sony Xperia Sola.

[wpfmb type=’info’ theme=1] Advantages of Rooting Sony Xperia Sola


Disadvantages of Rooting Xperia Sola[/wpfmb]

So Now let us Start with a few Pre Requisites of Rooting Xperia Sola

Pre Requisites for Rooting Xperia Sola

There are a few things that you might like to do before you continue with the process. They are beneficial to you for many reasons.

  • There is no need to backup for any data or personal pics or any stuff set into the internal or external memory. Its Just Root. But still to be at a safer side if something gets wrong. Go and have backups.
  • You need to backup all your Data and internal contacts.
    Try this tutorial to do so – Backup Apps for Unrooted Phones
  • You need to back up your Contacts
    try this tutorial- Backup and restore Contacts
  • You need to backup all your Messages and MMS
    try this tutorial to do so – Backup and Restore SMS on Sony Xperia Sola
  • Or this tutorial will have it all to Backup Apps, Contacts, and Data using Titanium Backup
  • Also Set USB Debugging Mode to “ON”.
  • Also make sure that your phone is charged at least 90% so that it does not goes of in the middle of the Root Sony Xperia Sola. Also be sure that your computer is set off with the antivirus and firewalls, the cable with the specific drivers must be ready. Get USB Drivers for Sony Xperia Sola  having problem while installing Drivers on PC go through How to install Drivers on Windows 7 PC.
  • Set Debugging Mode on through Settings>Developers.and hen check the box.
  • This is a tested and purely safe Rooting guide for Root Sony Xperia Sola  but still if something goes wrong then We are not responsible for any kind of damage to your device.Also Read About Risks and disadvantages of Rooting Sony Xperia Sola 
  • This is a very safe Method and has some bugs too. But Don’t Worry.

Downloads Required to Root Sony Xperia Sola

Here are  a few things and files required to be downloaded on your PC to continue with the further process. The links are locked and you can start downloading the second you click on any of the buttons below. So hit any button here and start downloading and continue with the process.

After downloading this but before rooting we need to unlock your Phone’s Bootloader so that we can root it.

How to unlock bootloader of Sony Xperia Sola

  1. The first step requires you to visit the Sony Ericsson Xperia Sola Bootloader page and one there, click on the blue button labeled “Start unlocking the bootloader”.
  2. In the page that appears we advise you to read and do all the steps there before pressing the “Continue” button on the bottom of the page.
  3. After doing that a new page will open and it will contain some important legal information about the procedure. Read the prompts and if you agree with them click “Yes, I am sure”.
  4. Now another page will open where you will have to tick the two boxes present and then finally click the button labeled “I accept”.
  5. Finally, a form will appear, and you will have to fill it with your name, with your email address and with whole IMEI number that you previously got from your Xperia sola.
  6. Now you should reopen the terminal windows you opened in step 2 and enter the following command: fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY. You will also have to replace the “KEY” in the command with the actual code that you received from Sony after completing that online form.

Now we can start with the original rooting process.

How to Root Sony Xperia Sola

Follow these simple Steps to root your Sony Xperia Sola.

  • Copy and paste the Kernel.elf file into the same folder as Fastboot.
  • Switch off your Phone
  • Now just Press Power Button with Home button.
  • Now you will enter into fastboot mode of Sola
  • Now just connect your device to the PC with original Data cable.
  • Now once your Phone is cnnected correctly just open Command Prompt from “RUN” or start menu.
  • On the command prompt window enter the command
    fastboot flash boot kernel.elf
  • In the end of this process Reboot your device and unplug it from your computer.
  • Thats it now you have a rooted android can verify and check whether the phone is rooted properly or not with the help of the Root Checker Pro app.

This was how to root Sony Xperia Sola. Just ask any questions you have for Rooting your Sola. Or anything you didn’t got in the tutorial just shoot in the inbox or just comment here.

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  • Can we use other thing than the Android SDK to unlock the bootloader ? Its too heavy .

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