Root Sony Xperia Z1 | One Click Root | 2 minutes process

Root Sony Xperia Z1 with One-Click Root Tool: As we know, Sony Xperia Z1 was officially unveiled at IFA, and it has been launched in India on September 18. With 20.7 MP camera, Snapdragon 800 chip-set and Quad-core 2.2 GHz Krait 400 processor, it is well suitable package for all the tech freaks. Yet, Xperia Z1 or we can say that company’s current flagship mobile is not launched globally but a root solution has been given by XDA-Developers. It is basically a One-Click root tool solution for getting the root access of your Xperia Z1.

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If you have Sony Xperia Z1 C6903/C6902 on Latest 14.2.0.A.290 Firmware then dont go this way rather follow this post- Root Sony Xperia Z1 C6903/C6902 on Latest 14.2.0.A.290 Firmware

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Why Do you need to Root Sony Xperia Z1 ?

Before you know why you need to root your precious  Sony Xperia Z1 you must Know What is Android Rooting.

While rooting  Sony Xperia Z1 will let gain you super user access. Just saying gaining super user access is very simple but actually we mean gaining all access over your smartphone than just getting restricted access to the phone as prescribed by the manufacturer. One can install Apps that need Root Access. When talking about Ram Xpander app it can help you increase RAM and internal memory of your  Sony Xperia Z1. As internal memory and RAM are 2 big issues that keeps the phone lack behind. But really when it comes to battery , also the phone is very bad at it. Apps like SetCPU can be used to increase battery backup

Root Sony Experia Z1

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Before You Root Sony Xperia Z1

  1. Make sure you backup all your data  before you Root Sony Xperia Z1.
  2. Remember that after rooting you will void you manufacturer warranty. And will no more get firmware updates on you android device on its own if you flash a ROM.
  3. Backup your SMS. Read : Backup and Restore SMS before you Root Sony Xperia Z1 
  4. Backup your contacts. Read: Backup and restore Contacts before you Root Sony Xperia Z1 
  5. Backup apps installed on your phone too. Read: Backup Apps for Unrooted Phone before you Root Sony Xperia Z1.
  6. Also make sure that your phone is charged at least 90% so that it does not goes of in the middle of the Root Sony Xperia Z1 process. Also be sure that your computer is set off with the antivirus and firewalls, the cable with the specific drivers must be ready. Get USB Drivers for Sony Xperia Z1  having problem while installing Drivers on PC go through How to install Drivers on Windows 7 PC.
  7. Set Debugging Mode on through Settings>Developers.and hen check the box.
  8. This is a tested and purely safe Rooting guide for Root Sony Xperia Z1 but still if something goes wrong then We are not responsible for any kind of damage to your device.Also Read About Risks and disadvantages of Rooting Sony Xperia Z1

Assuming the instructions above are followed we move further to Root Sony Xperia Z1. Also Read About Some Must Have Applications after you root  Sony Xperia Z1

Requirements to Root Sony Xperia Z1

If you have Sony Xperia Z1 C6903/C6902 on Latest 14.2.0.A.290 Firmware then dont go this way rather follow this post- Root Sony Xperia Z1 C6903/C6902 on Latest 14.2.0.A.290 Firmware

Download the requirements below to continue to Root Sony Xperia Z1. Unlock the required files by liking clicking on any of the buttons below.

 Steps to Root Sony Xperia Z1

Following are the steps to Root Sony Xperia Z1 very easily and efficiently with no risk of bricking you device.

  • Download the above files anywhere in your PC.
  • Now install the application to your pc which will help you to Root Sony Xperia Z1.
  • Run the software, The Software is in Chinese, So dont just panic we are here to make you Root Sony Xperia Z1,
  • now Connect your Sony Xperia Z1 to the PC and allow the application to detect and register your device.
  • Now Click the green button after the phone has been detected.
  • This will start rooting your Root Sony Xperia Z1.
  • Now just be slow and dizzy for a while and wait until the software gets the root access to you.
  • After this the Root Sony Xperia Z1 will reboot and this completes the rooting process.
  • You just rooted you Root Sony Xperia Z1 !

Well you just rooted your Sony Xperia Z1. To verify and check the root access on the phone, use the Root Checker App.

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To claim your warranty you can Unroot Xeria Z1 and Flash Stock ROM on Z1

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