How to Root Sony Xperia Neo L MT25i

Sony Xperia Neo L is device from Sony, and if you are looking to root your Xperia Neo L, then you at the right place. But before we start with the procedure, you need to get a basic idea of rooting, and that is why I have written a short introductory part for you. You can read it, but if you know well about rooting you can straight away skip to the procedure part of the tutorial.


Things you need to know before you Root Xperia Neo L:

Here are some things that you would be needing before you start the procedure to root Xperoa Neo L. First of all, if you do not know what Android Rooting is, then I would first recommend that you read this post, that covers in depth Android Rooting. basically Android Rooting is getting the administrator rights for your device, and controlling every process on your phone. And with this you are able to do many things and great tweaks on your Xperia Neo L.

So if you are still wondering that why should you be rooting your device, it is just because of the tweaks, and many cool things that you can do with your device. Like many Android Smartphone get slow after some time, the main reason behind it is that they have a lot of Bloatware on them. Bloatware is a term used for the android apps that come in your phone by default and you are not able to delete them. LIke the ChatOn messenger in Samsung phones, and likewise every phone has bloatware on it. But once you root your phone, you can delete any app on your phone. Even you get the rights to delete the system apps, but off course that should not be done, as deleting your Dialer app, would not let you make calls then.

Not only bloatware, there are many more interesting tweaks that can be done when you root your Android phone. Like you can flash custom ROMs on your Android Device. ROM is the set of software that drives your phone, and yes you can flash a custom ROM on your device, once you root it. Like there are tricks by which you can Increase internal Memory,  Increase RAM, Play HD Games and much more. But for that off course you need to root your Xperia Neo L. Not only it ends here, there are many more interesting thins you can do when you root your Android phone, the advantages are so fast, that I cannot cover them right here, so I have written a separate post for that. And if you want to know about more advantages of rooting your android phone, you can read it here.

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As it is said that everything comes for a price, and nothing comes for free. Though you can root your android phone here for free, yet you would have to pay a price. The price for your Android rooting is the risks and the disadvantages that come with the deal. yes apart from many great advantages of rooting your android smartphone, there are many disadvantages too. Like if you root your android smartphone, you would void your phone’s warranty. Also many more risks are there. Again you can read about more Android Rooting disadvantages here.

So after you have analyzed all the pros and cons of rooting your Xperia Neo L, if you yet want to root your android smartphone, then you may further proceed with the tutorial.

 Pre – Requisites:

Here a couple of things that you would need to root the Xperia Neo L.

    • A Laptop or a computer with proper drivers installed for the device. if you don;t have the drivers for your drivers installed, you can get it from here
    • Also make sure that you have properly enable the USB Debugging mode. You can do that by going into the settings of Xperia Neo L.
    • Also make sure that you have backed up all your important data. Though in this procedure, the data will not get deleted, but still it is better to be on the safer side, and backup all your personal and important data. Read Backup SMS, Backup Contacts, Backup Apps.
  • Also before starting the device, charge the device. So that it has atleast 70-80 percent battery. As we do not want the device to shut off in the middle of the process due to no power.
  • Also download the files given before you start the procedure to root the Xperia Neo L.


Download these files, as they will be required in the procedure to root xperia Neo L.

Steps to Root Xperia Neo L :

Follow these steps to root Neo L now.

    • Extract the Flashtool, that you downloaded from the link above, and then extract it to install it on your computer.
    • Now open the folder, Flashtool_ installation_folder/drivers.
  • Now run Flashtool-drivers.exe
  • Now select the two options, Flashmode Drivers and Fastboot Drivers. Like it is in the image attached below.
  • Now enable the USB Debugging mode in your device. You can do that by navigating to the Settings > Developer Settings > Enable USB Debugging.
  • Now also go to Settings, and then Xperia Connectivity > USB Connection Mode > Select MSC mode.
  • Also enable the Unknown Sources under the security option in the Settings menu.
  • Switch off the Xperia Neo L.
  • Boot the device in the flashmode, you can do that by pressing the Back Button and then connecting the deive via the USB cable. If it will successfully enter into the Flashmode, Green color LED will glow.
  • Now during the flashing procedure, do not seect any device in the Flashtool menu.
  • Now move the downloaded files, MT11i_4.1.A.0.562_kernel.ftf and MT25i_4.1.B.0.631_KERNEL ONLY.ftf to the folder, Flashtool_installation_folder/firmwares.
  • Now run the flashtool, and then flash the Xperia Neo V Kernel on the device, i.e.. the file MT11i_4.1.A.0.562_kernel.ftf
  • Now after successful flashing, disconnect the device, and then switch it on.
  • The phone when switched on would vibrate and the display would be black, but do not stop here, follow the steps below.
  • Now extract the file, DooMLoRD_v1_Xperia-2011-ICS-ROOT-emu-busybox-su, from  Sony Xperia neo L
  • Now again plug in the USB cable to the device, and connect it to the computer.
  • And then double click on the runme.bat file in the extracted folder.
  • Again power off the device by removing the battery, and again boot it into the flashmode.
  • This time flash the Xperia Neo L kernel, i.e., the file  MT25i_4.1.B.0.631_KERNEL ONLY.ftf
  • Now disconnect it, and reboot the device.
  • Congratulations, your Xperia Neo L is now rooted.

Now also you can update your SuperSU app from the lay Store, and then do many root tweaks you want.

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So this was a tutorial on how to root xperia neo L, I hope it helped. If you have any questions and doubts about the procedure that we follow, please let us know in the comments below.

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    Parag Tichkule 3 years ago

    • To unlock bootloader and to download Files you need to have an internet connection. Also if you are reading this you already have one, so it doenst even matter.

      Harshmeet 3 years ago

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