How to Root Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 | One Click

So You are at Root My Android to Root Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003, well be relieved and very much excited to know that we have the easiest and very authenticated way to root your Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003. We Do not use any sponsored software’s so be assured that we have updated this post with the best Application available to root Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 easily.

As we live in a very development freak world so i suppose we all know the basics of Rooting, well if Not then Follow these basic tutorials to make your doubts clear.What is  Meaning Of Rooting Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003?

Pre-requisites before you Root Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003

Before you actually begin the rooting Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 process, there are few warning information that you should know.

If you have taken these steps in consideration then you can continue with the process next !

Downloads Required to Root Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003

Here you will have to unlock the links of the required files to root Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003. Just click on any of the buttons below to get the ins unlocked.

Once unlokced you will never be asked to unlock them again.

After downloading the files required for rooting your Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 continue to the procedure of Rooting.

Procedure to Root Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003

So we are right here to start with the rooting of the procedure of the Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003. Make sure you read the tutorial atlest twice before implementing.

  • We consider that you have already downloaded the Drivers and the Root Application and ahev also installed the same.
  • Open and Run the Root Genius Application on your PC.
  • Now connect your Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 to PC with original data cable.
  • After the Root Genius application has detected your device you will see asimilar screen as in the picture below
    Root Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 Rootmyandroid
  • Now  you can click on “Root Now” button in green and make the Rooting process to start.
  • You will see a similar screen soon after clicking on root now.
    Root Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I900 genus root
  • After  a few minutes your device will reboot. And you will see a New application installed with the name of “KingUser” whcih will make your device rooted. See Picture for reference.
    Root Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I900 rooted

    • Voila you just Rooted your device.

You have now Successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy SL

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For any Quesries or issues with the process please comment or contact us

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