Root Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G and Install CWM

Owning a galaxy S Relay 4G and the device is too slow? It might hang and lag a lot, which is quite natural for an old android device. But nonetheless you could root galaxy S Relay 4G and serve the purpose really well by performing tweaks and other stuff.

Before you root Galaxy S Relay 4G:

Before you begin the process of rooting you should be knowing that what rooting actually is and should be knowing about that what are you actually going to perform in your device. If you are well aware of it, then you could probably skip this part of the tutorial. Or if you do not know then you should probably be reading this paper at least once A’s this could make some of your concepts clear. To read more, read what is android rooting.

Now after rooting you could perform various tweaks and increase the performance of the device and also many other customizations on the device. You could Play HD Gamesoverclock the processor of your android device, increase the RAM ,   delete the bloatware, and increase the internal memory. And not only these there are hell lot of other tweaks that can be performed on the device as well. We have a compiled list for you of posts in which various tweaks cam be performed after you root galaxy S Relay 4G.


Not only the advantages there are many other disadvantages when you root the device too. Specifically for Samsung devices you would lose the manufacturers warranty. And not only this three are various other disadvantages too, that you can read in this post.

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About this Tutorial:

In this tutorial we will be rooting the device using the odin installed on computer to flash the cwm recovery on galaxy S Relay 4G and then using the recovery to flash the root package file. This process takes some time and is not the easiest or the quickest. But with this you will flash a recovery which will help you further in flashing kernels or even ROMs. Also this is the most secure method out there to root galaxy S Relay 4G

Pre Requisites:

Before you move onto the next part and the instructions to root galaxy A Relay 4G, there are things that are needed to done in the first place.

  • You should be having a laptop or a computer which also should be having proper drivers installed for the device.
  • The device should be properly charged so that it does not interrupt and prompt you to plug it in the middle of the procedure.
  • Also backup all the important data on the device. You could refer to the guides below.
  • Enable the USB Debugging Mode in case you haven’t by navigating it no the developer options.
  • Developer options can be opened by tapping on the build number 7 times.
  • Also download the files which are required from the download section below.


Download the files below from the download links as they are essential for the procedure to root galaxy A Relay 4G.

How to Root Galaxy S Relay 4G:

So finally here are the step by step instructions that would help you to root galaxy s relay 4G. Before we start with the rooting process, below are the download essentials toy will need before we can start the rooting process. Download them to your computer.

  •  After downloading all the above files on your computer, connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable and copy the SuperSU file to the root of the SD card in your phone using a USB cable.
  • Disconnect your phone and boot it into the download mode by first turning it off and turning it back on by holding and pressing the Home button + Volume down key simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Your phone will then boot into the download mode.
  • Now extract the Odin files onto your computer and run the exe file.
  • Connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable. Odin will automatically recognize your phone and a blue button will appear which signifies that your phone has been connected properly.
  • Add-PDA-Odin-3.07
  • Click on the PDA field and select the ClockworkMod Recovery file that you discussed earlier. Check the box next to F. Reset Time while keeping the Auto Reboot and Repartition boxes unchecked.
  • Click on start to start the rooting and turn off your device once the process is complete.
  • Odin3.07-Flash-Completed-for-Samsung-Galaxy
  • Now boot your device into the recovery mode by pressing and holding the Home key + Volume up key + Power button together for about 10 seconds.
  • Once in recovery mode, navigate to the ‘Install zip from SD card option’ using the volume keys and select the option using the power button.
  • Then navigate to select the SuperSU file that we placed in the root of the SD card and select it. Click yes to any prompts and your phone will then be rooted.

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So this is it, you have now successfully rooted galaxy S Relay 4G. If any of the download links are not working or you are facing any problems in the process you could comment below with your error, any user or our team would solve the problem and set you up. I hope this post serves the purpose.

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