How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM – N900S

Do you want to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM – N900S in a few minutes ? if yes then you must know that we have very nice and very effective method to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM – N900S and that too without even any risk of getting brickage.

The tutorial to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM – N900S is very easy, as every step to root is illustrated with images and nice gestures.  You should be very careful while reading this tutorial as these processes are very delicate so go through the process twice before you try to implement it on your device.

So knowing this is really easy if you actually know what android Rooting Is ? And you will basically know that what in general android rooting means .

Speed is something that we all like and rooting is the answer to it. If your device has been acting really slow for the last few days and you have tried doing almost everything still it is not working, then you can try rooting your device to get it back on track. You will get Set CPU app which will help you under-clock or overclock the processor of your device so that you can decide the usage rules.

You have Low free RAM ? Just Go on and read how to Increase RAM on Unrooted devices. TADAAA !! you have Rooted Samsung Note 3. Just Download RAM Xpander and BOOOM… You can use your External SD card as RAM

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How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM - N900S

Prerequisites to Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM – N900S

Here is the list of pre-requisites that you have to follow before you start rooting your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM – N900S, You need to follow these very well to make the best out of root.

Downloads required for the process of rooting

Now it’s the turn of the downloads that are required before you start the rooting process, so make sure you have these things done before getting started with the actual process .

The download links are locked but can be opened easily when once clicked on any of the buttons below. just click and start with the rooting process of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM – N900S right away.

After Downloading extract the ZIP file, and you will find 3 files as following !

How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM - N900S

    • CF-Auto-Root.tar
    • Odin3.ini
    • Odin3-v1.85.exe

After downloading you can continue the process to root !

Procedure of rooting Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM – N900S

Everything is all set for the big event that is rooting your device so follow these steps and you will be done with your rooting process –

  • First Switch off your device
    How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM - N900S
  • Make sure you hold the Home button key, power key and the volume down key all at the same time for around 8 seconds then only you will see the download mode getting activated.
    How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM - N900S
  • If you see a warning sign that is a yellow triangle with an exclamation sign on it, then press the volume up key to proceed
    How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM - N900S
  • You have to open one of the extracted files Odin 3 (Odin3-v1.85.exe) that you downloaded earlier and connect your device to your PC
  • Odin recognizes the device automatically and you will see Added in the message box

    How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM - N900S

  • Now click on PDA button and then choose the other extracted file CF-Auto-root.tar that you have downloaded earlier
  • In the Odin 3 window you will see the Start button, click on it to start flashing
  • Your device will take minimum 30 seconds to flash and complete the process of rooting. When it is done, you will see PASS! Written in a green box and your device will automatically re-boot itself.
    How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM - N900S
  • Now disconnecting the device from your computer is safe and if you want to make sure that your device has been rooted properly or not. Go to Applications Menu and if you see a SuperSU app over there, that means your device is rooted now.
  • There is another way of verifying whether your device has been rooted or not and that is through an application known as Root Checker. You can take the help of this app too, if you want.

You must always remember that when you go for rooting, your device is void of warranty, so first make sure that you really want to root and then go about the process.

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Head on to Your app drawer and check out the Super SU application which will assure you that your device is rooted. :)

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For any Queries on the Tutorial Just comment below and we are there to help you !

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