Root Samsung Galaxy Music GT-S6010 one click

Samsung has released the galaxy music a very long time ago and now the device is pretty old. And thus is not unusual as android devices start getting slow and showing lags after an year or so. But do not worry you could well treat this problem like a boss, if you root galaxy music and increase it’s performance. And if that is the case, this post is definitely going to help you on your way.

Before you Root Galaxy Music:

Before you quickly jump onto the instructions part and start with the procedure there are some thins that you should be knowing about. And they are rooting and the basic concepts related to it.. If you know them and are pretty confident then you may skip this part if the post and jump onto the next section. But in case you are double minded, you should give it a read as another 5 minutes won’t make much of a difference in your time.

To begin, android rooting is a procedure by which you mind if unlock your device and gain more control to the device. Like you are able to fully control you device. Now this can be a blessing. As you guys might be knowing that any android device does not allow you or grant you the root access by default. And when you get the root access in your device, you are able to take out from your device better than ever before. You can read more about android rooting here.


As discussed above, when you root you control everything on your device and are completely on the driver seat. There are many advantages that you take out from your galaxy music once you root it. Like to just a things that can be done are increase the internal memorydelete the bloatware  Play HD Games,  increase the RAM , overclocking the processor in android, increase the internal memory. Not only these, there are a lot of many other things that can be done and here is a list of tweaks that you can perform on your android decide and benefit from rooting.

In the above sections we discussed the advantages in very brief, and you might be wondering that android rooting is all good. But no, rooting has it’s own disadvantages as well.. As you are in total control you might easily end up messing with the system files unless you are very careful and might risk the possibility of a boot loop or soft brick. Not only that, when you root galaxy music you will also end up choosing the warranty of the device. You can read more disadvantages of rooting if you want.

Now after you have analyzed the advantages and also the disadvantages of rooting your android phone, you are good to go ahead.

About this Tutorial:

Here is a brief idea on what will we be doing in the tutorial, so that you get to know well before. Here we will be rooting Samsung galaxy music with the help of a software, that will get us the root access automatically without doing anything manually. You just need to plug it in the computer and just follow the step by step instructions and it will lead you. Now as you might be knowing that there are many methods out there by which you could root galaxy music, but this proves to be the easiest. Though this procedure might take a bit long, and also does not install cwm on music, but still you would get the root access, and that is what you are looking for after all.

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Pre Requisites:

Here is a list if things that need to be addressed before you begin with the procedure to root galaxy music, as they are essential and also should be done in then first place.

  • Enable the USB Debugging Mode, you can do that by instructions given in the procedure section.
  • Also charge the device to atleast 50-60% as we do not want that it should interrupt in the middle of the procedure and you would have to stop it.
  • A computer or a laptop with proper drivers installed for the device.
  • If you do not have drivers, download them here.
  • You should also be backing up all your important data on the device. You can refer to the posts below.
  • Backup Apps for Unrooted Devices
  • Backup and restore Contacts
  • Also ensure to download the files from the download section.


Here is the file that you need to download before you begin to root galaxy music, as it is very essential for the tutorial.

How to Root Galaxy Music:

Follow the step by step instructions to root galaxy music. Again make sure that you have downloaded the file and also gone though the pre requisite section.

  •  The first step requires you to enable USB debugging on your phone. To do this, go to the device Settings from the app drawer and then go to Developer Options. Then check the box next to USB debugging. If you can’t find the Developer Options on your phone, repeatedly click on the Built number in the About section 5-8 times to activate developer options.
  • Now download the Root Genius windows application from the link in the download section to your laptop or desktop.
  • Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Launch the Root Genius app on the computer. The app will automatically recognize the phone.
  • root-genius-root-it
  • Now just click on the Root Now button which will start the rooting process.
  • Genius-Root-Process
  • After the rooting process is complete, disconnect the phone from the computer and reboot it.
  • To make sure the phone has been rooted, look for the KingUser app in the app drawer. If you find this app installed, your phone has been successfully rooted.

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So this was a shirt post that helped you to root galaxy music with one click, with the help of Root Genius application for computer. Now if in the above steps, you face any error make sure that the drivers are properly installed, try uninstalling and installing them again. But still if the error persists, try contacting us, our team would try to solve the problem and get back to you with a solution as soon as possible. I hope this helped :).

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