Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 Easily | How to

So Do you want to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102? if Yes then you should know that you are at the best ever possible online tutorial to root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102. Also if you Dont know what Rooting Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 means then also this post is for you as we will be covering each part that will create doubts or questions in your mind.

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So just Get Ready a we are here to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102.
Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 Easily in a few Minutes How to

What Do we mean By Rooting Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102?

This is the first thing that a person will have in mind when he first time listens to the word Rooting or android Rooting. Mostly friends make you know aboit rooting and its benefits, But if you don’t have as such kind of friends then lets be friend and ill brief everything important and need to know abut rooting its side effects and benefits.

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So Rooting Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 means that gaining Super user access over your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102. As the manufacturer has set some limits to the usage and overhauling of resources of your android. To over come this we break the Warranty bond between the Manufacturer and us, and then get the Root Access. SO this definitely means that you cant get your warranty when you have rooted but remember if you want to claim your warranty by Unrooting your device.

Also Rooting Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 will get you the access over the root directories, Kernel, Bootloader and the android OS it self. This is not that techie as it feels like.

Do you know why Do you need to or should Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102?

Why you need to root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102?

The answer to this question are the benefits of rooting. And as we know that Benefits never come alone they always come with disadvantages. So i want you to have a look at the Disadvantages of Rooting Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102.
So Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 will get you the superuser access on your device but that is not for you when you dont know what can you do with it. So i will be telling you that what all yuor android can do when rooted,

An android has a set of very nice and powerful features that are unveiled when Rooted. So after we root we are good to use alot of applications that are meant just for Root users. We can use SetCPU to underclock and overclock the processor and then we can also manage the battery life of our android. We can also use apps like Link2SD which can convert an External storage to be used internal memory. Apps like RAMXapander can be used to increase RAM of your android device which will allow you to play heavy games on low RAM devices. Read about the benefits of Rooting Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 In-Depth.

Lean How to Increase RAM on android using RAMXpander on Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102

You should know that if you don’t do this process right you can also harm your android. So just continue and get you Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 rooted.

Pre-Requisites to root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102

There are a few things that you might want to know and also take care about all these before you start with process to root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102.

Just Go ahead and root your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102.

Downloads to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102

There are a few very crucial files that you must have to continue with the following process to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102. Also these links will be only available if you click on any of the buttons below. This has been done to stop spam. So just click on the buttons below and continue with the Downloads.

After you have downloaded the above files you can easily go to the next part and get the Root access over Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 very fast.

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Process to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 easily

Just follow the easiest ever process to root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 in a few minute. Make sure you have read the Pre requisites and follow the next part very carefully !

  • You need to Extract the Root Package and keep it anywhere on your PC.
  • You will notice that the downloaded files will be
    “CF-Autoroot.tar” & “ODIN Flash Tool”.
  • You need to double click to run the Odin Tool.
  • After Running the odin tool a new window will appear which will have many options.
  • Now hold Power button with Volume Down button with the Home button all together at once.
  • Hold until you see the Samsung’s Logo Image.
  • That sit you will now enter the Download mode.
  • Now take your Original data cable and connect your device to the PC.
  • You need to wait for a while until the Odin flash tool will recognize a connected android device.
  • You can confirm this by seen a yellow or blue color in the 1st box on the left top.
  • Click on the PDA button from the flash tool.
    Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102 Odin
  • Now choose the CF-Autoroot.tar from the downloaded package .
  • Now click o START button on the odin screen.
  • Now the rooting process will start.
  • Your device will reboot and then after the screen shows PASS
  • Then you can disconnect your device .
  • Thats it you have rooted Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 SM-G7102.

Check the Root Access of the Phone with the help of Root Checker Pro.

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Just Spend a few seconds a share the post with you friends ! For queries and more just comment below and let us now where you are facing problems !

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  • my phone went dead
    what i have to do???

    hammo 3 years ago

    • What step were you on when it failed !

      you must have skipped a step As this tutorial is tested !

      Harshmeet 3 years ago

  • it showed fail instead of pass and my phone is bricked. including samsung keys none of the apps can performe recovery. my 23000 bucks is gone because of you guys

    sachin varghese 3 years ago

    • Write your device name and search for a custom rom ! every tutorial will have the steps for flashing a custom rom!

      Harshmeet 3 years ago

      • dis didn’t work o my galaxy grand 2 android 4.3

        ajay kumar 3 years ago

        • Did you find any error ? or anything you like to share with what we can help you with ?

          Harshmeet 3 years ago

          • Yes binary su not installed this is error

            jaspal 2 years ago

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