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so probably you are browsing over the internet to get Easy risk free and descriptive tutorial on Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, and you are not able to get anything on the web that clears all your doubts about Rooting the Samsung galaxy Gear. So i would like to make you notice that this post will be enough to make you root the device and also to make you satisfied with each and every question you have deep inside your heart.

The Galaxy Gear is a gadget for the wrist and the comfort of using basic necessities from the wrist is its best application all the way. But Do you really think a device meant to be just on your wrist need a root? Yes the Samsung Galaxy gear smartwatch runs on android OS and can be rooted with ease. So whats the point i’m being jumbling around is that what makes you root your Samsung Galaxy Gear ?

Just read ahead and you will know why do you need to root Samsung Galaxy Gear.

What does Rooting Samsung Galaxy Gear Mean ?

Knowing what does rooting samsung galaxy gear means is a bit difficult if you don’t know what actually rooting android means. So Just head on and read the informative article on What is android Rooting .

In simple words basically Rooting will get you superuser access over the android you rooted. In this case you will have the Super user and the main power to control what will happen to your Samsung Galaxy gear. We all know that Android is an Open source OS but to keep non tech savvy android users on a safer side they made some limits for the customer to access the android.

Like for a simple example you cant access the root directories of your android. Also you cant change color of the menus on the android device. Rooting will get you super user access to all these things and will also even allow you to delete all the pre installed applications as provided by the manufacturer.

So now you actually know what actually android rooting is. So the another question arises is that why do you need to root the samsung galaxy gear or what are the actual benefits of rooting your samsung galaxy gear ?

Root samsung galaxy Gear easy

Why do you need to root Samsung Galaxy Gear ?

So basically the need of the hour is rooting your samsung galaxy gear as we cant get into the directories of your samsung galaxy and also cant do a few things that i will just tell you soon.

Its been a while you have been using your Galaxy Gear. Have you ever seen a screen like the one below on your Galaxy Gear.

Learn how to Install Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Gear

Root Samsung Galxy Gear






These are the screenshots of a Samsung Galaxy Gear when flashed with a custom ROM after Rooting. For now we have only 1 Custom ROM developed by XDA-Developers but sooner we will be having many ROMs for your device. So basically accessing Google Play from your device was actually a thing that you haven’t even thought of but it can be.

You can increase RAM or ROM for a matter of time by using application that can only work on Rooted androids. Also having increased clock speed is a thing that every person wants but cant do it just because he/she hasn’t rooted their galaxy Gear.

So now i thing you have decided to root your Samsung Galaxy Gear. Just head on to the next section to Root your gadget now.

Before you Root Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

  • You should be handy with using Windows OS on your PC and should know that this rooting process will only work with Windows, Sorry for mac users.
  • We also need the Galaxy Gear approved device with which you bought the Galaxy Gear, for this case we consider it to be Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
    We need to access the settings screen so we need to configure a device with the galaxy Gear.
  • Make sure you install the device drivers on your PC properly.
  • You are responsible for what you do to your Galaxy Gear
  • You will also Void your manufacturer warranty after you root your Samsung galaxy Gear.

Downloads Required to Root Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch

There are a few files that you need to download to root your device. These downloads are not large in size but very essential for this process.

Download the files by just clicking on any one of the buttons below. Its not that tough just a click and there you go.

Bypass Activation Screen on the Galaxy Gear

Now you need to connect your device to the Galaxy Gear approved device i.e. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This is very easy but impossible for those who haven’t bought a combo of the Gear and a device. So for them they can either grab a friend’s note 3 or just head on to a Store with Note 3 on live hand on Demo and just try this with that device. And for this maybe they reward you a punch on your Face, so beware.

  • Go to Settings and enable NFC on the Galaxy Gear approved phone (i.e. Galaxy Note 3).
  • Hold the Galaxy Gear Charging Dock to the back of the Galaxy Gear approved phone and wait for it to install Gear Manager.
  • Follow the prompts on the Gear approved phone to connect to the Gear until the Gear shows the time on it indicating it is past the Activation Process.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Just follow the simple steps to Root Samsung Galaxy gear and then watch the Video at the end off the post for better sync with the steps. Read carefully as this is the crucial stage of Rooting ! 🙂

  • Lets start with the process to root your Gear.
  • You need to enable USB Debugging after you configure your galaxy gear with the note 3 as you will need it to let PC do the manipulation on your Gear. Lets Enable the USb Debugging on your Samsung Galaxy Gear.
  • Go to Settings > Gear Info > Enable USB Debugging . Tick mark it and accept the pop up message. Head on to the Image below for better navigation guide.
  •  Now connect your galaxy gear with the PC through a Micro USb Cable which will get into the charging port of the gear. Please  let  it install the drivers of your Device to the PC.
  • So now lets continue with the Rooting process of the Samsung Galaxy Gear.
  • Copy the Downloaded Cydia Impactor that you downloaded above and keep it on your desktop
  • Extract all the files and then double click on the “.exe” file.
  • After that you will see  thin and long dialog box will appear on your screen.
  • Do not do anything if the impactor ads a popup for an upgrade just dont do it. Simply check if the link in the dialog box is
    # drop SuperSU su to /system/xbin/su
  • If not then manually add the link above into the field
  • Do not press anything else and just press start button on the right.
  • In a matter of a few seconds you will see a few lines of code jumbling on the dialog box.
  • and your Galaxy Gear will show a Black screen for a while.
  • Dont do anything until you see a dialog box(error) on your screen.
  • After this you will close the impactor dialog box.
  • And now you have a rooted Galaxy Gear.
  • You will not see anything new into your gear but your device is now rooted and now you have super user access over your android OS.
  • Download SuperSU apk and save it to your Desktop.
  • Download Wondershare Mobile Go (the Free Trial will work just fine), save it to your Desktop, and double-click the .exe file to install it.
  • Open Wondershare on your computer.
  • Once it opens, click on Google Play Apps.
  • Search for and install SuperSU (free version by Chainfire).
  • Open SuperSU on the Galaxy Gear by swiping over to Apps from the homescreen then swiping through that to find SuperSU and tapping it.
  • When prompted to update the SU Binary, tap yes.
  • Now you have totally Rooted your Galaxy Gear.

Just Get to know the Samsung Galaxy Gear How to’s and know what all you can do with your device now.

Learn how to Install Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Gear

You have successfully rooted your Samsung galaxy Gear. Chillax and like and add us on G+ to get more about Galaxy gear.

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  • when i download super su from google play it wont install in gear instead it installs in my phone and i tried downloading from site to my computer and transfered it to gear and when i install it in gear it says su binary not installed. in this case how do i install super su in my gear

    neupane bishnu 2 years ago

    • It can’t be installed just like that. That is why the process of rooting has emerged, you would have to flash it on the device either using a custom reocvery, or before gain root access first. This is what we do in the post.

      Umpreet 2 years ago

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