Root Samsung Galaxy Fame DUOS GT-S6812

If you are looking for a way to root galaxy fame duos, then here is simple yet shirt tutorial that will help you on your way. You can root the device and increase it’s performance and perform customizations to make your experience with your old smartphone worth it.

Before you root galaxy fame Dous:

Before you begin with the tutorial you should be knowing the basic concepts about rooting and stuff related to it. If you already know about it, then you can surely skip this part of the tutorial and jump onto the next part without any second thought. But in case if you are a beginner and this is your first time with rooting, then below is a short paragraph in which I have tried to explain the concepts of rooting.

Android Rooting is a process by which you gain the core access and can control the device fully. You can manipulate the working of the device according to your needs and not only that you can do whatever you want by changing the kernel, changing the interface completely and what not. When you root the decide, you are on the driver seat and the steering wheel is completely in your hand. To know about it more, read what is android rooting.


Now coming to the advantages, as you know when you root, you get the full control of the device so you will be able to perform many tweaks which can prove to be advantageous, and also increase the overall performance and efficiency of the device. For example you can delete the bloatware, , increase the internal memory, Play HD Games, increase the RAM and also you could perform overclocking the processor in android. Not only these, there are far and so many other tweaks that can be performed on the device and also not only that you could browse a list that we compiled, on this link here. So android rooting can be advantageous really, if you want to increase performance and looking for some decent customizations on your galaxy fame.

Along with the disadvantages, there are some disadvantages that come along when you root galaxy fame duos. As a matter if fact you will be losing or voiding the manufacturer warranty that comes along the device when you root it. And also your device becomes more vulnerable to boot loops and stuff, as sometimes things don’t end up being good while doing things like changing ROM or flashing a kernel. If you wish to know about mire risks and disadvantages that are accompanied then you may head to this page.

About this Tutorial:

In this tutorial we will be rooting the Samsung galaxy fame Dous with the help of a computer with an automated tool. As you might know that there are many methods by which you can root galaxy fame Dous, and this is one of the most easiest method you will find. As you do not have to manually do anything and merely just plug in the device and just click. So hence, this makes it a one click root for fame Dous. Also this is a pretty safe, verified and tested method so you need not worry about bricking your device.

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Pre requisites:

Here are the list of things that are needed to be done in the first place before you begin. So refer to the list below, before you root galaxy fame Dous.

  • Make sure that the device is at least 60 percent charged, as you do not want the device to interrupt in the middle of the procedure due to low power.
  • We will also need a laptop or a computer whatever you have.
  • Proper drivers for the device must be installed on it.
  • Though this tutorial would not wipe the data on your device but still it is advisable that you make a secure backup first.
  • You can refer to the guides below.
  • Also download the files from the download section below.
  • Enable the USB Debugging mode, if you do not know step by step instructions are given in the main procedure.


Here the files that are needed, and you can download them below from the links. These files are really essential as you would not be able to root galaxy fame Dous without them.

How to Root Galaxy Fame Dous:

So here are the step by step instructions which would help you to root Galaxy fame Dous, so let us begin. But first again recheck the pre requisites and also the downloads.

  • Download and install Samsung drivers on to your laptop or desktop which will allow you to connect and operate on your phone with your computer. Download the driver’s from here.
  • Now enable USB debugging on your phone. To do this navigate on to Settings from the app drawer and then go to Developer Options and check the box right next to USB Debugging. If you can find the developer options, they’re not enabled yet. Repeatedly click on build number 5-8 times which will activate the developer options. Then enable USB debugging.
  • Now download the Extract Cydia Impactor tool onto your laptop or desktop. Use the link from download section and extract the files.
  • Connect the phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Now launch Impactor.exe file from the extracted files. This will launch the Extract Cydia Impactor tool.
  • Once the tool starts, it will automatically recognize your phone. Now simply click on the Start button to begin the rooting process.
  • Once the process is complete, restart your phone. After the phone reboots, look for the SuperSU app in the app drawer. If you find this app installed, your phone has been successfully rooted.

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So this was a short tutorial that helped you to root Samsung galaxy fame Dous, and if you face any problems then you should recheck the drivers and then start again.. And still if the problem is not solved then you can comment below and will try to solve the error as soon as possible.

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