Root Samsung Exhibit II 4G SGH-T679 without PC

Looking for a way to root exhibit II 4G? Well this post could help you on your way. Android devices tell at get slow and start to lag once they get old. But the performance of the device could be increased by doing some performance tweaks after rooting the device.

Before you Root Exhibit II 4G:

Before you skip to the instructions part and start to root exhibit II 4G without PC there are many things that you should be knowing about. You should be having an idea about android rooting and stuff related to it. As you should be knowing that what are you going to do to your device. In case you are well aware of it and have been rooting devices then you might skip this part of the tutorial and jump on to the next section. But in case you are not, you should maybe read this once as it could help you a bit.

Android Rooting let’s you to get a better control on the device and also you could interfere in the core functioning of the device and also perform some hardcore tweaks. And as you might be knowing android rooting let’s you do things that by default an android user cannot perform. When you root you are completely on the driver seat. You could change anything in the device, fro. Kernel to interface and then to ROM. It is such a vast topic in itself that it cannot be discussed right here in this post. To get more details and a better insight, read what is android rooting.


Now when you get to control your device you are able to perform many tweaks and hence benefit from the root access. To list some of them,  you could   Play HD Gamesdelete the bloatwareincrease the RAM increase the internal memory, also you could perform overclocking the processor in android. And not only this there are tons of other tweaks that can be performed on the device, here is list.

Also rooting your android device has some down points. As when you root your device you tend to lose the warranty that has been provided by the manufacturer. Also you would make the device more vulnerable to boot loops while performing some hard core tweaks. You could read about more disadvantages of rooting your android device here.

About this Tutorial:

In this tutorial we will be rooting the device with the most traditional method using the recovery. We will flash the recovery on the device and then in the recovery we would flash the root package file which would let us to root exhibit II 4G without PC. This process takes some time but it is advantageous as you could use the recovery further to flash many other things on the device like a custom rom. And also it is not the fastest method to get the root access but the method is quite safe.

Pre Requisites:

Here is a list of things that need to be done in the first place before you root exhibit II 4G without PC. Do go through the list and get them done before hand.

  •  Before beginning make sure that the device is at least 60 percent charged so that the device does not interrupt in the middle of the procedure and prompt you to charge the device.
  •  Also enable the USB Debugging mode before you begin.
  •  You can do that by navigating to the Developer Options and in case the developer settings don’t show up. Tap on the build number for about 7 times.
  •  Though rooting does not delete any of the data, but still you should backup all the important stuff on the device, as it is always good to be on the safer side.
  •  You could refer to the guides below, if in case you do not know how to do it.
  •  Also download the files from the download section below.


Here are files that you need to download before you begin with the procedure. They are really essential for the procedure, to root exhibit II 4G and to download them you will have to unlock the download links.

Flash CWM recovery on Exhibit II 4g:

Before you start with flashing custom recovery on your phone, you need to download the file on your computer.

  • Now copy the downloaded file to the root of your phone memory.
  •  Now boot into the recovery mode by first turning off your phone and then turning it back in by holding and pressing the Power button + Volume up button till you see the Samsung logo. Then release both the buttons and press the left capacitive button on your phone to continue.
  •  Now navigate using the volume keys to the ‘ Apply update from sd card ‘ and select the option using the home button. Now navigate and select the zip file you downloaded before step 1 and select it.
  • Your phone will now have the custom CWM recovery flashed.

How to root exhibit II 4G:

Before you start with rooting, you will need to download root file to your computer.

  •  Copy the above downloaded file to the internal memory of your phone.
  •  Now boot your phone into recovery mode. To do this, first turn off your phone and then turn it back on by holding and pressing the Power button + Volume up key till you see the Samsung logo. Then release these keys and press the left capacitive Menu button on your phone to continue.
  •  Once in recovery mode, navigate using the volume up and volume down keys and select the ‘ Apply zip from sd card ‘ using the home key.
  •  Then navigate to the file that you copied to the phone before step 1 and select the file.
    Your phone should be rooted.
  • To ensure this, look for the SuperSU app in the app drawer. If you find this app installed, your phone has been rooted.

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So this was a tutorial that helped you to root exhibit II 4G without PC and also if you face any errors or any of the download links are not working then you could comment below or contact us and we would try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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