Root Oppo Find 5 and Flash CWM/TWRP Without PC

Oppo Find 5 is a device that is though different from the Android flavor. As the device features a customized and tweaked Android OS, Color. Though if still users want to root the device, or install custom ROM the looks, by flashing Custom ROMs to get the Stock look for the device, or change the internal memory, overclock or whatever. All in all if you are looking to do any of these, first you will need to root oppo find 5  without PC and then install cwm/twrp on it. And you are at the right place. Follow the tutorial to do so.

Before you root Oppo Find 5:

Before rooting your find 5, there are some things about rooting that you need to know, in case you are a beginner. But if you know about rooting already, you can skip this part and jump to the next section of the post.

For the beginners, you guys must be wondering what is android rooting? To answer that simply, android rooting is a process by which you gain the admin rights to your phone. In simpler words you can control many things about your device, which ordinary users cannot. Tweak many things and also many tricks and things can be done to find 5. Read more about Android Rooting.

Well there are a lot of advantages of android rooting. When you root your phone, you can perform many android tweaks, Increase internal Memory,  Increase RAM, Play HD Games and much more. Also you can flash Custom ROMs on your device. Also apart from this there are still many advantages of rooting oppo find 5. you can read them here.

Also with the advantages, there are also many disadvantages of rooting your android phone. Like many of you must be knowing that you might void the warranty of your device when you root it. Also if not done correctly you might end up bricking your device. Read more about the disadvantages of android rooting.

About this Tutorial:


As you might be knowing that android rooting is a universal thing, and also there are many many ways of rooting your device. But in this tutorial we will root oppo find 5, by the framaroot app. And then after gaining the root rghts to find 5, then we will install CWM/TWRP on the device using the recovery tool. Follow the tutorial below to root find 5.

Pre- Requisites:

Before beginning the process of rooting make sure that you have as they will be needed in the tutorial.

  • A Computer with proper drivers installed for Find 5. You can get drivers here. ( Only required to transfer downoad files to Sd card, you can do that from phone itself) Thus making the tutorial possible without PC.
  • Enable the USB Debugging mode of the phone. You can do that by going into the settings.
  • how-enable-usb-debugging-2
  •  Before beginning also make sure that the phone is atleast 70-80 percent charged.
  • Though in rooting your data on the phone will not be lost, but still it is good to make up a backup of all your important stuff before rooting.
  • Backup all your Data and internal contacts on your Find 5.
  • You need to backup all your Messages and MMS, with this tutorial.
  • Also disable all the firewalls and the anti-virus softwares, if any on the computer as they might create some unwanted prblems in the rooting process of find 5.
  • Download all the files given below in the download section.


Download these files which will be required in the process to install cwm twrp on find 5 or root find 5.

Root Oppo Find 5 :

Follow these steps to root oppo Find 5 without PC.

  • Download the files required from the download section above.
  • Now transfer the Framaroot-1.5.3.apk that you downloaded to the Find 5 SD card.
  • Root-find-5-Framaroot
  • Now using a suitable file manager app, browse to the location where you saved the file and install the apk file onto the phone.
  • Now after complete installation, you go to the apps, and then open the Framaroot app.
  • Click on Gandalf, and after the app says success, reboot the device.
  • Congratulations, you just rooted the oppo find 5 using framaroot app.

Install CWM/ TWRP on Find 5:

Now that you have rooted find 5, you must be looking to install a custom recovery such as twrp/ cwm on find 5. Follow these steps to do so.

  • Now download the recovery tool from the download links.
  • Similarly install it, and then run it on the device by going into the app drawer.
  • Select TWRP oR CWM, whatever recovery you want and wait till the wizard installed the recovery on find 5.

Yes that is all you just learned how to root oppo find 5 and installed twrp/ cwm on find 5. I hope this short tutorial helped you out. Also donate to the original developer here. If you have any doubts you can simply do that by commenting below. We will try to get back as soon as possible. 🙂

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