How To Root Motorola Defy Plus Within One Click

Own a Motorola Defy+ and looking to root defy+? Then you at the right place. But before let us have some introduction.

Motorola might not be the best Android Smartphone manufacturer out there, but surely they have been releasing some very impressive Android Smartphones over these years. The Motorola Defy+ is one among them which was released back in August of 2011 and featured a list of hardware specifications, which was the benchmark setters of those times.


The hardware specifications of the Motorola Defy Plus Android Smartphone include a 1 GHz  processor, 512 MB of RAM, 2 GB of internal storage and MicroSD storage support for an additional 32 GB, 3.7 inch display with a screen resolution of 480×854 pixel and a PPI of 265, 5 MP primary camera with Autofocus and LED flash, 1700 mAh battery and is also IP67 certified for its waterproof and dust tight features.

Before you Root Motorola Defy Plus:

If you feel that your Motorola Defy Plus has started to show signs of aging due to low hardware specifications, then it’s probably time to root Motorola Defy Plus and install some custom kernel’s and ROM’s. However, before you try to install these custom tings and root tweaks on your Smartphone, you’ll need to root it, using this motorola defy plus root program.

But before rooting yo u need to get an idea and things you can do once you root an android phone. If you are well aware of it, then you can obviously skip this part and jump onto the next part of the tutorial.

Android rooting is a process by which you get the power to do control almost everything of your android device. And off course, Android is an open source project, so rooting your android phone is legal. And also when you root you can perform many tweaks on your phone that will help you along. To know more about android rooting read here.

Rooting has its own advantages like, it will help you to remove bloatwares off your Smartphone, will allow you to install custom scripts and ROM’s to tweak the performance of your Smartphone, will give you more RAM and internal storage space, etc. Also if you are wondering, how to overclock motorola defy plus, then you should first get the root access. Read about more Android Rooting Advantages.

However, rooting has its own disadvantages. Did you know that, when you root your device you will lose the warranty of your device. And also when you are rooting your defy plus there are many risks involving bricking of your device and security issues .To know more, check out our guide on the  disadvantages of rooting. But still don’t worry as you can unroot motorola defy Plus anytime you want even after rooting it.

So after you have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages, then you can off course decide, and if still willing to root, follow the steps below.


Below are a set of warning information that you should be knowing before proceeding to root Motorola Defy Plus 2.3.6  Android Smartphone:

  • We are not responsible if you damage your Motorola Defy+ Android Smartphone during or after completing the rooting process. Proceed at your own risk only.
  • You’ll be voiding the warranty of your Motorola Defy+ Android Smartphone once you root it.
  • We recommend you to take a backup of your Smartphone, so that in case something goes wrong your data stays safe.
  • Only follow this rooting guide on a Motorola Defy+ Android Smartphone.


Here are some prerequisite procedures to  root defy plus bl7  Android Smartphone:

  • Make sure that your Motorola Defy+ is fully charged before proceeding with the rooting tutorial.
  • Download and install every necessary USB Drivers for Motorola Defy plus on your PC.
  • Download the root kit from the download linek just below this section.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Motorola Defy Plua

How To Root Motorola Defy Plus Android Smartphone:

Finally, below is the detailed guide on how to root Motorola Defy+ Android Smartphone easily:

  • Extract the root kit that you downloaded earlier.
  • To unlock the root kit “ZIP” folder, use the password “”.
  • Connect your Motorola Defy Plus to the PC.
  • Once you have connected your Smartphone to the PC, double click and run the “Defy_plus_rooten.bat” file from the extracted root kit folder.
  • A new window will appear.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to begin the rooting process.
  • Wait for the rooting process to complete.
  • Once the rooting process completes on your Defy Plus, your Smartphone will then reboot.

Once your Smartphone reboots successfully, check out whether a new application called “SuperUser SU” has been installed on your Smartphone or not. Further verify the rooting process, by installing and running the Root Checker Android application from the Google Play Store.

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Congratulations, you have now successfully completed rooting your Motorola Defy Plus Android Smartphone. I hope you found our guide on rooting Motorola Defy+ Android Smartphone helpful. All the credit goes to the developers of this rooting method, who made rooting Motorola Defy+ easy and hassle free.

In case you came across any queries or doubts regarding the above written tutorial on how to root Motorola Defy Plus , please leave those queries as comments below so that we can resolve them out.


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