How to root LG G Flex |One Click Without PC

Do you want to root LG G Flex bought with contract with any Carrier? if yes the you must know that this si the safest method to Root your LG G fles in one click and that too without computer.

The LG G Flex is one of the earliest Android Smartphones that LG brought into the market. The LG G Flex was launched back in 2013 and featured the hardware specifications which was considered appropriate for the time. The hardware specifications of the LG G Flex included a 2.26 GHz processor, 2 MB of RAM, Curved body and display, 32 GB internal storage and the main feature is the curved screen of the LG G Flex.

This Rooting tutorial will work for all the carrier variants as of now. Say, Verizon LG G Flex,Sprint LG G Flex, US Cellular LG G Flex, t-Mobile LG G Flex are good to go with this procedure. The procedure will not use Computer and will be the safest method to root LG G Flex.

The hardware specifications of the LG G Flex might look odd according to today’s standards and it might have affected its performance too. However, you’ll be able to boost up the performance of your LG G Flex by rooting it and then installing some custom ROM’, kernels or scripts on your LG G Flex that can boost up the performance and reduce stuttering on your Smartphone. Rooting has many advantages and some of them are mentioned above. But, rooting has its own disadvantages too, and to know more, check out our detailed guide on  Risks and disadvantages of Rooting.


If you’re out there searching for a detailed guide on how to root LG G Flex Android Smartphone, then today we’re here with a detailed guide on the same.

Well this is a very obvious question by all of us when LG G Flex is your first device, So t know what actually Rooting LG G Flex is about you should know What Actually is Android Rooting ?.

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Warnings Before you root LG G Flex

We would like to acknowledge a few warning information to you, before moving on to the detailed guide on how to root LG G Flex.

The most important among those, is that rooting of Android devices tends to void the warranty of your Smartphone. Hence, you’ll lose all warranty benefits over your Android device once you rootit. And, there are chances of errors occurring if you misfollow the guide, and these errors might damage your Smartphone too. Hence, proceed at your own risk only.

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Prerequisites to root LG G Flex |One Click Without PC

Below are some prerequisite procedures to follow prior to rooting your How to root LG G Flex |One Click Without PCAndroid Smartphone:

Downloads Required to Root LG G Flex With One click

The first thing you have to do is to download the required files from the links given below. In this method, there is no need of your PC or laptop to root your device. The links provided below are locked. You have to unlock the links by pressing any one of the following buttons. This is a one time unlock procedure and you will never be asked again to unlock them again.

Its now the right time for you to move to the next section of this tutorial.

How to root LG G Flex Any Carrier without PC

The easiest method to root your LG device will be explained to you in this tutorial. I have assumed that you have downloaded required file from the downloads section of the tutorial. Its a one touch root method and easiest of all the methods available on the web. Follow the instructions carefully to successfully root your phone.

  • The first thing you have to do is to enable the installation of 3rd party applications in your device. To do this, go to Settings, then go to Security, Device Administration and tick the Unknown Sources check-box to enable the installation.
    How to root LG G Flex (All Variant)
  • Install the TowerRoot application which you have downloaded from the above Downloads Section of this tutorial.
    How to root LG G Flex (All Variant)
  • After, installation of the application, find the application icon in the app drawer of your phone.
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  • Open the TowerRoot app by tapping on the icon in the app drawer.
    How to root LG G Flex (All Variant)
  • The interface of the app is quite user friendly. So it will be easy for you to root your device.
  • Now after launching the app, you will be able to see the welcome screen of the app.
  • There will be a tab named “make it rain”. Tap the tab to complete the procedure.
  • After few seconds, you will be able to see the TowerRoot success message on the screen.
    How to root LG G Flex (All Variant)
  • Your LG device is successfully rooted now. Verify the same by checking the SuperSU app in the app drawer of your device.
  • Voila you can now do these 11 Things after rooting your LG G Flex in one click.

This tutorial is sufficient to root your LG G Flex device. After rooting your device you must have a look on Top Apps for Rooted Android.

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