Root Lenovo Idea Tab s6000 Without PC

Looking for some ways to root lenovo ideatab s6000 without pc? You are at the right place pal. Ideatab is a great android tablet from Lenovo, and guess what you can make it more awesome just by rooting it.Install ROMs, perform many tweaks, and most importantly increase it’s performance by agreat deal. SO what are you waiting for?

Before you Root Lenovo Ideatab s6000:

Before you start the procedure to root the ideatab s6000. there are a few things you need to know. Before actually rooting your device, you need have atleast a basic idea of what android rooting is. If you already know about it, you can skip this part of the tutorial and jump to eh next part. If not, take some time to read what follows.


Android rooting is basically a technique by which you gain the root access to your device. In other words, you act as the admin of the device, and can control almost everything about your device. Perform tweaks, and run the device and make it function like you like. If you wish to read more on android rooting, click here.

Also rooting your android phone has many advantages, like you can perform many root only tweaks on your device. For instance you can increase the RAM increase the internal memory of canvas knightPlay HD Games, you can install Custom ROMs  and much much more. Infact there are practically uncountable advantages and applications of rooting your android phone. To read about more advantages of rooting your ideapad s6000, click here.

Obviously along with a set of advantages, disadvantages come too. There are many disadvantages of rooting your android phone too. Like you will void your warranty of your device, once you do it. Also there any disadvantages, read them here.

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So after you have analyzed all the advantages and the disadvantages of rooting, you can finally root ideapad s6000 without PC.


Before we start with the procedure to root idea tab s6000, we need to make sure that you some things done before. Have a look at them below.

  • First of enable the USB Debugging Mode, of the Idea Tab. You can do that by navigating into the settings of your device.
  • Though rooting ideatab, would not mess with your data, but still it is advisable that you back the data before you start.
  • Backup and Restore SMS
  • Backup and restore Contacts
  • Backup Apps for Unrooted Devices
  • Also make sure that the device has atleast 60% of the battery. So that the device does not die in the middle of the rooting procedure.
  • Download the files required for the tutorial from the download section below


Download the links below as they will be required in the procedure.

 Root Lenovo Idea Tab s6000:

Follow these steps to root lenovo s6000 Idea Tab.

  • From the above download links, download the framroot.apk file.
  • Now paste the file in the internal memory of the device.
  • Now install the file, by opening it in any of the file explorers.
  • Also make sure that you have checked off only verified sources, in the settings menu.
  • Now after you are finished installing the app, launch the framaroot app.
  • Now tap on the Boromir option, and let the phone root itself.
  • Now reboot the tablet.
  • You’re Done.

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Now when the device reboots, you will find the SuperSU file installed in your app drawer. So this was a short tutorial on how to root the idea tab s6000 in one click without pc, using the framaroot app. So if you face any problems in the tutorial, do leave a comment below. We will try to get back to you, as soon as possible.



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