Root & CWM Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 on Android 4.1.2 | Easy

Do you want to Root and CWM on Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 which is presently running on android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ? if yes then you are pretty much we;come to read the post here and root your device as easy as one click method. When it comes to rooting a device its not actually easy to root carrier variants of Samsung devices.

root samsung s3 verizon root my android

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3  is pretty easy but when we go for a Verizon variant it pretty tricky and Specific. And remember this tutorial will only be applicable for  Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon only. Don’t try this tutorial with any other device else you will be ending up bricking your device.

What Does Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH-I535 Mean?

So knowing this is really easy if you actually know what android Rooting Is ? And you will basically know that what in general android rooting means .

So when talking in consideration of your device then you must actually know that what are you going to do when you are rooting your Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon. You wll have all the Super User access to your Phone after rooting your device.

We all know that Google Android is an Open source Software which can be edited and reused by users or developers. So Android Has made no limits for its users to use it. Then Why do you Hear People Say “i Want to gain Super user access?” So who has taken that access from them ?

The Answer for the question is very logical. An OS can only be handled by people who know its working. But For a le man its not very obvious to develop or actually Go into the root directories to know what better the Phone can provide.

So if you are Confused about Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon ! I will make you very clear. If you want benefits with  Such Easy Rooting tutorial Then you are ready to root and enjoy Root access. But if you are the one who will never use his Phone beyond calling or playing some basic android games then you should close this window after Liking. We deserve a Like and a share for letting you know that you don’t need to root Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon.

Lets Head on to the next section to more about Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon.

Why Do you Need to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH-I535?

So you are having a problem with asking questions to yourself even knowing that the answer is with us. So You are using your phone very nicely, you are happy with your device, but one day you need Root access, Why ?  Just Because you Read about it ? or do you to know what it feels if you own a Rooted android ?

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Basically a normal person thinks that im using the Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH- I535 very efficiently and after rooting ill be having the access to everything in my phone. But whats the use if im not a coder ? will you learn code for this reason ? of course NO.

You Mind is driving you in the wrong way. But we will set it right, Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH- I535 never means that you are gonna play with scripts and codes. Its actually the same thing you do with your device day to day but this time you have more apps and functionality inside the applications to get your device work on.

After rooting you will be able to install and enjoy all the applications which need root access like, Uninstall master, chainfire 3D, RAM Xpander, Set CPU.

ever Fed up of some application from Samsung which are pre installed ? and oh by the way you cant do anything about it other than hating it.

But Wait !!!

Do you Know if you have root Access you can easily delete all those irritating pre installed Applications that just take your internal memory of your device and nothing else.

You have Low free RAM ? Just Go on and read how to Increase RAM on Unrooted devices. TADAAA !! you have Rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon. Just Download RAM Xpander and BOOOM… You can use your External SD card as RAM

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There are a lot of application that are amazingly awesome to use on rooted android devices Read Here- Top Apps on Rooted androids.

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So if now you have decided to Root your Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon then you can read below else its a waste of time for you !

Pre-Requisites For Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon

There are a few things that you might like to do before you continue with the process. They are beneficial to you for many reasons.

Required Downloads to Root & Install CWM Recovery on Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535

To proceed further we need to download a few files so that you can flash CWM and root your device.
The Links to download the files are locked ! Go and unlock them by just Liking us or G+ us .Remember that we track users who have unlocked the links once and they never see this again.
So Unlock it once and have these links forever !

After downloading from the above links please follow the next procedure here.


Root Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon SCH-I535

Follow the tutorial step by step to successfully root your device.

  • Now Copy the to your root directory of your phone,.
  • Now you can extract the odin file ans run on your PC.
  • Switch off your device by holding Power , Volume Down and Home button  all together until the Warning screen is displayed. You will get a warning , Now further press Volume Up to go to the Download mode of your device.
  • Make sure you have Drivers installed properly else the next step will not work for you !
  • Now connect your Mobile to your PC when Odin was running.
  • You will see the 1st ID tab turns Blue as soon as you connect.
    This is actually the part where everyone faces problem.
    For troubleshooting just try all ports one by one and you will see the PC recognize your device with showing blue color in the ID section as in the image below. Else re install the drivers.
  •  In Odin, click on PDA button and select the VRALEC.Bootchain.Tar.Md5 file. Make sure Auto-Reboot and F.Reset Time options are checked and others unchecked.
    Root samsug galaxy s3 verizon cwm
  • Then Click Start Button. After process completes, you will see RESET!! message with blue signal and your device will reboot automatically. Disconnect your device and close Odin.
  • Turn Off your phone and go into the download mode once again as you did in the Step above.
  • Run Odin again and Uncheck Auto Reboot option. After that, click on PDA button and select CWM6023TouchVZW.Tar.Md5 file and click Start.
  • Odin will display Pass! with a green signal.
  • Now your CWM will be flashed but your device will not be rebooted. So after 10-15 seconds just take out your battery and unplug the phone from the PC and switch it Back on again but in a different style as told in next step.
  • Press Power Button with Home button and volume up button u
  • CWM samsung galaxy s3 verizon
  • This is the Recovery Mode of your device now. and you can very well see that its Clockwork Mod written on the top that means you have successfully flashed your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 with CWM.
  • In this very interface you will only use up and down volume key to navigate and power key to selector choose anything.
  • Head over to Install Zip from sdcard followed by Choose zip from sdcard and then select file that you copied to your phone earlier. After that, confirm by selecting Yes and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Now when the process completes reboot your device after 10 seconds.
  • No go into Download mode again by pressing Vol down , power and home key all at once.
  • Run Odin again and connect your phone to Computer. Make sure Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options are checked. Click PDA and select one of the three bootchain files that you downloaded (VRBLK3 or VRBMB1 or VRBMD3) and then click Start button.
  • a few seconds later Reset will be written on your device and your device will reboot. now dont unplug your device.
  • now you will see a PASS written soon on the place where it appeared earlier.
  • Thats It You have successfully Rooted and installed CWM on Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-I535.

Head on to Your app drawer and check out the Super SU application which will assure you that your device is rooted. 🙂

Head on to the Best ROMs of the Year and Find your self a new ROM and install a One as you are capable of installing one. You can verify the root access on the phone with the help of the Root Checker Pro app.

For any Queries on the Tutorial Just comment below and we are ther to help you !

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