How to root the Huawei Ascend G740 | One click root

So you are here to root Huawei Ascend G740. Now you should probably know that this is the place where you can easily root your Huawei Ascend G740 within a click. This is one of the dafest and brick free method present for rooting up till date.

This Tutorial is specifically regarding Rooting Huawei Ascend G740 with ease and using one click Sowftware The tutorial will be easy enough to understand as we go through the very specific and related sections of this tutorial.

As we all know Rooting has it own Risks and Disadvantages so we have a methods to share that does not keeps your Huawei Ascend G740 at risk while rooting it. Your device will be at a safe position even if something goes wrong. But don’t try to make things wrong and follow the tutorial step wise. We are not responsible for any damage to your Huawei Ascend G740.

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Why Do you need to Root Huawei Ascend G740 ?

To understand Why do you need to root your Huawei Ascend G740, You must basically know What actually Android Rooting in general is?

root Huawei Ascend G740

Well Rooting is actually gaining super user access to your phone applying few apps that have a lot of customization and need root access. Using a rooted android gives a very different experience than using a stock android as we can change everything onto the system, like a few battery saver apps work brilliant on rooted phone while Apps like SetCPU can increase or decrease the clock rate of your processor, also RAM Expander can use your SD-Card as your RAM. This will of course increase playing HD games and heavy applications. While increasing the clock rate or overclocking Huawei Ascend G740  will increase multitasking to a well damn great extent.

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Pre-requisites before you Root Huawei Ascend G740

Before you actually begin the rooting process for the Huawei Ascend G740, there are few warning information that you should know.

If you have taken these steps in consideration then you can continue with the process next !

Downloads Required to Root Huawei Ascend G740

You are here to root the Huawei Ascend G740. In order to start the rooting process, you have to first download the following files. The download links given below are locked. You can unlock them by clicking on any one of the following. Its a one time unlock procedure and after that you will never be asked again to unlock the links in future.

If you have downloaded the above file, you can move to the next section of this tutorial.

How to root the Huawei Ascend G740

You are here to root the Huawei Ascend G740 using the Framaroot app.  Just one touch on the app and the your device will be rooted. We provide you the easiest methods to root your devices. Follow the steps carefully and enjoy rooting.

  • You have to allow the installation of the third party apps. In order to do this, you have to check the unknown sources check-box. To do this, go to Settings, then go to Security and move ahead to Device Administration. Find the unknown sources check-box and select it. There is no harm in selecting the option. It just allow the installation of the apps which are not available on the Google Play Store.
    How to root the Huawei Ascend G740
  • After this step, install the Framaroot application which you have downloaded above from the Downloads section. After installation, find the app located in the app drawer of your phone.
    How to root the Huawei Ascend G740
  • Open the application, you will see the screen same as below. If yes, you are going right.
  • Now you will be seeing the “Broromir” text. Just click on that text. After clicking, a pop up will appear notifying you about the installation of the SuperSU app.
    How to root the Huawei Ascend G740
  • You have to now restart your phone in order to complete the rooting process.
  • Now, locate the SuperSU app in the app drawer of your device. If you find it, you have successfully rooted the Huawei Ascend G740.
    How to root the Huawei Ascend G740
  • Congrats!!!! Your device is now rooted.

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