Root HTC One V and Install ClockworkMod Touch Recovery


Do you want to Root HTC One V? Install ClockWorkMod over it, change Custom ROMs ? Then this post goes out for you. Here is the easiest method to root HTC One V wwith the process that explained as below. But first you should really determine that do you need to root HTC One V? What are the benefits and disadvantages of rooting your phone? Well if you just want to change the ROMs on HTC One V then maybe you should root your phone, but if you’re looking for something else, may you should be give it a second thought. Because rooting HTC One V  will void your warranty and there may be many complications, if you do not perform the process carefully.

Read the following Stuff to make your mind clear:


Why to Root HTC One V?

Before actually starting the Root process, lets have a detailed look at the whether what is rooting? ans some basic concepts.

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Well by rooting your HTC One V you will be gaining the super user permissions for your device. And also you will be able to install many Root Only apps on your phone to increase the performance for your phone, with apps like SetCPU, Ram Expander etc. As the name says these apps could increase the clocking speed of your HTC One, even increase the RAM on it. And the most improtant benefit of rooting anAndroid phone is that you could change the looks completely for your phone by changning the stock ROM of your phone.

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 Reasons to Install the ClockworkMod Recovery on HTC One V:

Well you might be wondering that what is the use of installing the clockworkmod recovery on HTC One V when we are going to root it with a different method. Well, to answer that, you will need ClockWordMod recovery to install various custom roms on HTC One V if you’re bored of using the Stck ROM on your phone. Also the CWM recovery helps you out to make the partition of the SD Card and perform various other tweaks too. In general it is a more powerful recovery system and allows you more functionality as compared to the Android Recovery System.

So by now we should begin the Root Process.

In this post I will teach you How To Root HTC One V. The process is explained as follows:

  • Rooting HTC One V with Bootloader
  • Then Installing ClockWorkMod Recovery ( This step is not required in Rooting, but if you wish to install Custom ROMs on HTC One V)
  • Rooting the HTC One V with OneClickRoot Method. ( An easier alternate method to root HTC One V for dummies)



Pre-Requistes: Before you Root HTC One V :

So we’re ready to go.


So follow these steps to root your HTC One V.

  • Download the HTC One V Bootloader. and also download the Superboot image.
  • After Downloading the superbot file, which would have a ” .zip” extension. Extract the file and place these files on your PC.
  • Now switch off your phone by Power button.
  • now reboot HTC One V into bootloader mode. You could do that pressing the Power + Volume Down Key at the same time.
  • Now that you’ve entered the bootloader mode, you connect the phone to PC via USB  Cable.
  • Now Run the install-superboot-windows.bat file on PC.
  • Now within seconds the HTC One V will be rooted and you’re good to go.

So Bingo you’ve rooted your phone successfully by the Bootloader method. Now we must enter the second phase of our tutorial, i.e., now we will install CWM on HTC One V.

Install ClockWorkMod Recovery on HTC One V:

As said earlier, Unlocking and rooting your HTC One V via the bootloader method is not enough to flash a ROM on your phone. And for that you will need to flush the default Android Recovery System and install a third party recovery system, in this case we will install ClockworkMod on HTC One V. So let’s begin the rpocess of installing CWM touch recovery on HTC One V.

Things you will need :

  • Make sure the phone has around 90% battery, as it should not die in midst of process.
  • Before beginning you must enable the USB debugging mode on HTC One V. You can do that by Menu>Manage Applications > Development > USB Debugging.
  • Again ensure all your data is backed up.
  • The phone Bootloader must be unlocked. Otherwise visit this. HTCdev site.
  • Make sure the drivers are installed on your PC. If not you can download suitable drivers from >Androis USB Drivers

Installation Process:

  • Download the  Fastboot Package, extract it in “C: Drive” and download CWM Recovery image, put this file in the extracted folder (fastboot) and rename it to “recovery.img“.
  • Now again switch off your phone and enter into the Bootloader mode, by pressing the Volume Down+ Power button.
  • As you enter into the Bootloader mode, select the “Fastboot” option by using the Volume keys to navigate and Power button to Enter.
  • Now connect the USB cable to your device.
  • Now open Command Prompt in your PC.  Now you have to change the directory of ” FastBoot.exe” by typing “cd c:Fastboot” in the command prompt window.
  • Now confirm that you phone is connected to the PC or not, you can do that by typing “fastboot devices” in Command prompt. If it does not detect then you should check and install the drivers again.
  • Now to install ClockworkMod on HTC One V, type “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” in the command prompt window.
  • As the installation process completes type “fasboot reboot” to reboot HTC One V.
  • To verify the process is completed successfully reboot your phone in the Bootloader mode, and from there select “Recovery” mode, and then if the phone boots into ClockwordMod recovery, then it’s perfect. Else try doing the process again.

Important: Check Root Access

So by now if nothing went wrong, you might have successfully installed the ClockWordMod Recovery on HTC One V. I hope it helped. 🙂 but hey this is not it. As I said in the beginning of post, that many users will find the whole structure of rooting pretty hard, so for the dummies I have posted and updated the post with one alternative method which will allow you to Root HTC One V One click only.

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So Read this Post to Root HTC One V One Click , to root your phone with a dingle click. 🙂

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