How to Root the HTC One Mini 2 | Fastest Way

So you are here because you want to Root HTC One Mini 2, So lets not waste any further time and just start with Rooting your HTC One Mini 2.

We have a very nice structure of the Tutorial which is divided into parts so that one ca easily understand the use, need and how to Root HTC One Mini 2. SO just read the tutorial with a calm mind. Also to make sure that You don’t Brick your device while rooting do read this tutorial twice before starting with the procedure. Also this is a tested Tutorial so Brickage will never occur unless and untill you miss either step or follow the sites in a non sequential manner.

What do we mean by Rooting HTC One Mini 2 ?

When we say that we will Root an Android Device it means that we are Going to enable the Root access or the Super User Access over the HTC One Mini 2. This is very common in today’s world as people are not very happy when bound by the Device manufacturer with some hefty restriction over the functioning of the hardware of your android.

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Root HTC One Mini 2 rootmyandroid

Why Do you need to Root HTC One Mini 2 ?

Now we are considering you know much about the basics of android rooting and you really want to know that what benefits you when you root your HTC One Mini 2.

So of course if we are going through a tutorial to root that means we have advantages of the end product. The advantages we have all depends on our needs.

If one has a lot of preinstalled applications from the manufacturer, then after gaining the superuser access one can easily remove those apps which cant be removed earlier when one doesn’t has root.

If a person wants to play a heavy RAM Consuming Game then on can easily us eApps Like RAM Expander to increase RAM and also make multi tasking an Easy Thingy.

Alos there are many advantages of Rooting other than i mentioned above, Like increasing internal memory and Changing Roms and kernels so that one can change the entire Android system embedded inside the Device.

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When talking advantages everything with advantages always have some disadvantages. To read alla bout disadvantages one can read this Articel: Read all About the disadvantages of Rooting HTC One Mini 2 .

Please Go through the Pre-Requisites Section below to know what all you need to know before Rooting your HTC One Mini 2 .

Pre-Requisites to Root HTC One Mini 2 Easily

Please Follow make sure you know these things are read and fulfilled as per your needs.

If you have taken these steps in consideration then you can continue with the process next !

Downloads Required Before you root HTC One Mini 2

Here are some files whihc you really need before you go to the next steps to root the HTC One Mini 2. These files are locked for now to unlock the you need to unloc them by clicking in some social buttons. and the links are ready to go the same time.


  • Download Fastboot
  • download TWRP Recovery
  • download SuperSU 


After you have  downloaded the files you can now go to the steps to root the HTC One Mini 2 easily.

How to Root The HTC One Mini 2 easily

So here are some very easy steps to Root the HTC One Mini 2. Just read the steps twice and them attempt the procedure because sometimes these processes gets a bit messy when dealing with different devices.

  • Extract the files of fastboot onto the Desktop so that they are accessible.
  • Now plug in your Device with the preferably original Data Cable.
  • Copy the into the Memory cad of your device.
  • Press shift and right click on the desktop.
    Root HTC One Mini 2 commadn window
  • Now select Open Command Window here.
  • Now type the following Command into the CMD.
    adb reboot bootloader
  • Now your device should reboot into bootloader.
  • Now navigate withe the volume down button and select with power button, now select Fastboot.
  • Now type the command below into the command window. makr sure you replace the “recovery.img” y the original name of the recovery you downloaded in the download section.
    fastboot boot recovery.img
  • After a few seconds your device must boot into TWRP Recovery.
  • Noe select Install from the menu by tapping on it.
  • Now choose the which you copied to your memory card.
  • and swipe to confirm the installation.
    Root Htc One Mini 2 twrp recovery
  • Now after the installing is done, reboot your device into system recovery mode.
  • Your device must reboot now.

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  • After Reboot you can go into the App drawer and search for SuperSU app, n thats it you have rooted HTC One Mini 2.


After rooting your device you must have a look on Top Apps for Rooted Android.

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