How to Root HTC One S | Easy Tutorial

Do you want to Root HTC One S ? Well if you do the you must know that this is the easiest tutorial online available which will Root your HTC One S without bricking it.

The tutorial is divided into many sections under headings to let the User know what he is actually doing and what can he do after has Rooted his HTC One S. It is advice to read the tutorial twice before you start to follow the profile.

Do you need to Root HTC One S ?

To understand Why do you need to root your HTC One S, You must basically know What actually Android Rooting in general is?

Well Rooting is actually gaining super user access to your phone applying few apps that have a lot of customization and need root access. Using a rooted android gives a very different experience than using a stock android as we can change everything onto the system, like a few battery saver apps work brilliant on rooted phone while Apps like SetCPU can increase or decrease the clock rate of your processor, also RAM Expander can use your SD-Card as your RAM. This will of course increase playing HD games and heavy applications. While increasing the clock rate or overclocking HTC One S will increase multitasking to a well damn great extent.

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Root HTC ONe S, Root my android

Pre-requisites to Root HTC One S

Before you actually begin the rooting process for the HTC One S, there are few warning information that you should know.

  • Make sure you have the HTC One S, don’t try this method with any other  Variant.
    If you have some other variant of the HTC One S, then you can search from the search bar from top with your model number and get the easiest tutorial.
  • Antivirus program must be disabled before running this process
  • You need to backup all your Data and internal contacts on your HTC One S.
    Try this tutorial to do so – Backup Apps for Unrooted HTC One S
  • You need to back up your Contacts
    try this tutorial- Backup and restore Contacts
  • You need to backup all your Messages and MMS
    try this tutorial to do so – Backup and Restore SMS on HTC One S
  • Or this tutorial will have it all to Backup Apps, Contacts, and Data using Titanium Backup
  • Also Set USB Debugging Mode to “ON”.
  • Also make sure that your phone is charged at least 90% so that it does not goes of in the middle of the Root HTC One S process. Also be sure that your computer is set off with the antivirus and firewalls, the cable with the specific drivers must be ready. Get USB Drivers for HTC One S having problem while installing Drivers on PC go through How to install Drivers on Windows 7 PC.
  • Set Debugging Mode on through Settings>Developers.and hen check the box.
  • This is a tested and purely safe Rooting guide for HTC One S  but still if something goes wrong then We are not responsible for any kind of damage to your device.Also Read About Risks and disadvantages of Rooting and installing custom recovery on HTC One S

If you have taken these steps in consideration then you can continue with the process next !

Download Files to Root HTC One S

here are the Download files which are required to root HTC One S, So please Download these files below.

The files for now are locked, so you need to click on any of the social buttons below to Get the download links right away.

After you have downloaded the files you can now continue to root your device.

How to Root HTC One S | Easy Tutorial

  • After downloading the root package for HTC One S Please extract the files.
  • From the extracted files you need to run the following programs: “adb-windows” and “fastboot-windows” (or corresponding files if you are using the MAC / Linux based computers).
  • Now you need to turn OFF your HTC One S
  • Enter the bootloader mode.
    For doing this you must hold down (simultaneously) the Volume Down rocker key and the Power On button.Please refer to pic for more info.
    Root HTC One S AD from PC
  • Now your device will boot in bootloader mode.
  • Now connect your device to Device to PC using an official USB cable if possible.
  • From the computer, run the tool named “install-superboot-windows”. A pop up window will open.
  • If you are on Linux, open terminal, go to the patch where you saved the files and in terminal enter the commands: chmod +x” followed by “./”.
  • On an MAC open terminal. Then, go to the patch where you saved the files and in terminal enter the commands: “chmod +x” followed by “./”.
  • In the end, reboot the smartphone and disconnect it from the computer by removing the USB cable.
  • Voila You have Rooted your device.

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As you have rooted your HTC One S now you can have the best out of your android phone. Just go through the Apps in the link below which are necessary for a rooted HTC One S

Best Applications for a Rooted HTC One S

Also Contact us if you have some issues in Rooting your device in Comments !

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