How To Root HTC Droid DNA and Install CWM Recovery

Do you want to Root your HTC Droid DNA and instal CWM on HTC Droid DNA? if yes then you are at the best place to root and install custom recover on your HTC Droid DNA. We have a very informative simple and short article to make you root your Do you want to Root your HTC Droid DNA and instal CWM on HTC Droid DNA? if yes then you are at the best place to root and install custom recover on your HTC Droid DNA easily.

root htc droid dna

The HTC Droid DNA is one among the most popular Android Smartphones released by HTC in 2012. The HTC Droid DNA was launched back in November of 2012 and features some impressive hardware specifications such as a 1.5 GHz quad core processor, 2 GB of RAM, 8 MP primary camera with auto focus and LED flash, 2.1 MP primary camera, 16 GB internal storage space with NO option to expand storage via MicroSD and all of these powered by a super awesome 2020 mAh battery

However, if you’re a custom ROM junkie or if you wish to boost the performance of your HTC Droid DNA by installing custom ROM’s and kernels, then you’ll need to root your HTC Droid DNA primarily. And if you’re in search of a well-written, detailed guide on how to root HTC Droid DNA Android Smartphone, then today we’re here with a tutorial on the same.

Before You Root  HTC Droid DNA

Well, rooting is a complex process and we wish to tell you some points before letting you actually proceed with the rooting tutorial for your HTC Droid DNA.

The first being that rooting is a very complex process and needs to be carefully executed. If you misfollow the rooting guide on your HTC Droid DNA there are chances of you ending up damaging your HTC Droid DNA. And we would like to announce that we are not to be blamed in any case of damages occurred to your HTC Droid DNA. Hence, proceed at your own will and risk only.

Moreover, rooting of Android Smartphone will void its warranty and you’ll no longer be able to enjoy any warranty benefits over your HTC Droid DNA once you root it.

There are many advantages of rooting your HTC Droid DNA. Like you’ll be able to get more free storage space on the internal memory of your Smartphone, you’ll get more free RAM and you’ll be also be able to tweak your Smartphone by either over-clocking or under-clocking your Smartphone or by installing custom ROM’s or kernel’s etc. However, rooting has its own disadvantages too, and before you proceed to root your HTC Droid DNA, please read our guide on the disadvantages of rooting.

Also, in order to keep the data stored on your Smartphone in the safe side, we recommend you to take a complete backup of your Smartphone prior to rooting it. And you can refer our detailed guide on how to Backup Apps, Contacts, and Data using Titanium Backup.

Pre Requisites to root HTC Droid DNA

  • Download and install USB Drivers for HTC Droid DNA.
  • Your Device Bootloader should be unlocked before you start with this process. Unlock bootloader now
  • Charge your Smartphone.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Smartphone.

Downloads required to Root and install CWM on HTC Droid DNA

There are a few downloads required to continue with the Rooting and installing recovery process of the HTC Droid DNA. SO just click on any of the buttons below and unlock the links and start downloading in a few seconds. Go download NOW.

After Downloading you can continue with the further process to root and install CWM on HTC Droid DNA.

How To Root HTC Droid DNA & Install CWM Recovery:

Finally, below is our detailed guide on how to root HTC Droid DNA:

  • Extract all the downloaded files.
  • Power OFF and then boot your Smartphone into the Fastboot mode by pressing Volume Down+Power keys.
  • Choose the Fastboot option.
  • Connect your Smartphone to the PC.
  • Open Command Prompt from your PC.
  • Paste the following code by replacing “recovery.img” with the exact name of the recovery file that you downloaded:
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • Copy and paste the SuperUser kit that you downloaded earlier to your Smartphone. And Power OFF your Smartphone again.
  • Once that’s completed, enter the command below:
    fastboot reboot
  • Now your Smartphone will reboot.
  • Now type in the following command:
    “adb reboot recovery”
  • Now again your Smartphone will reboot.
  • Now choose the “Install ZIP From SD Card” option.
  • Now select the “SuperUser” kit that you copied to your Smartphone earlier.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Reboot your Smartphone.

Now go ahead and verify the root access on the phone, with the help of the Root Checker Pro app.

And you’re done. Congratulations, you have now successfully rooted your HTC Droid DNA Android Smartphone.

as you have rooted your device you can simple know what to do next: 11 Things to do after rooting your Droid DNA.

Just Go and Enjoy your Root you can also comment for any kind of support in the comments.

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