How To Root and Install CWM on Galaxy Mega 6.3 i19205

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Mega LTE i19205, then you at the right place. Below are some of the things that you need to know before you start the procedure too root the mega 6.3.

Before Rooting Galaxy Mega 6.3 I19205:

Here a couple of things you need to know before you start to the process to root mega 6.3. Make sure that you device is  Galaxy Mega 6.3 i19205. And if you try rooting any other with this tutorial, we would not be possible to the damage done to your device.

So starting with Android rooting, you first off all need to know about the basic concepts of Android rooting. Android rooting is a procedure in which you gain the administrator rights. Like you do it in windows, and then once you root your device, you will be able to control every single thing about your android phone. Like controlling the CPU usage, RAM usage, memory usage. Also delete any app from the phone. Including all those apps which are not deletable. The scope of Android Rooting Galaxy Mega 6.3 is no vast that it cannot be discussed in this post. Read it here.

Rooting android phone has many advantages too. Like you can do many things to your android phone. Many tweaks can be done. So if you are looking to reasons to root your device, let me give you some. If you root your Android device, you increase your internal memory by using this guide, increase RAM using this guide, Play HD games using this, and much more. You could also flash custom ROMs, and if you are looking for best custom ROMs, get the top 10 list here. To read about more android tweaks read this list.


But every thing that has pros, it also has cons. So yes Android rooting can be disadvantageous. If you root your android smartphone, you will void the warranty of your android smartphone. Also there are many disadvantageous of android smartphone. You can read them in detail in this post.

Now that you have analyzed all the pros and cons of rooting your mega 6.3, you should proceed with the tutorial.


Now have these things in place before you set out to root your mega 6.3.

  • A computer or rather a laptop in which proper drivers for the device are installed.
  • Before starting with the procedure make sure that you have charged your mega 6.3. Atleast the battery should be 70% percent charged.
  • Rooting your phone would not wipe any data on the device. But still it is better to be on the safer side, and make a backup of all your important data on the phone. Like Contacts, messages, and Apps. So You refer these guides to backup your SMS, Contacts, Apps.
  • Also make sure you enable the USB Debugging mode. You can do that by going into settings.
  • Now download the files that are required for the rooting procedure from the download section below.


Download the files from the download links below, as they will be required in the rooting procedure.


Procedure to Install CWM on Galaxy Mega 6.3 I19205:

Follow the steps below to flash the CWM on your mega 6.3. So lets begin.

  • First of all as mentioned in the pre-requisites section above, you need to download all the files mentioned in the download section above.
  • Now extract the Odin file, so that it is able to run on your Computer/ Laptop. And then RUN it, by opening the Odin.exe file.
  • Reboot mega 6.3 to Download Mode, you can do that by pressing the volume down + home + power button together, till you see the download mode screen.
  • download-mode-galaxy
  • Now press Volume Up button to confirm, and enter the download mode.
  • Now it is time to connect the device to the PC with the help of a USB cable.
  • If the connection is a success, the ID:COM section in the Odin will turn Blue. If it does not, try disconnecting the device, and then connecting it again. if this still does not, help check your drivers, and reinstall them.
  • Now click on the PDA button, and  then select the .tar.md5 file which you downloaded.
  • Add-PDA-Odin-3.07
  • Make sure the Auto Reboot and F.Resest Time options in the Odin window are checked. And nothing else is checked.
  • Now we are ready to flash cwm on galaxy mega 6.3. Click on the start button, and odin will flash CWM.
  • After successful installation it will say PASS. Now you can disconnect the device, and then reboot it.
  • Odin3.07-Flash-Completed-for-Samsung-Galaxy

If it does not say PASS, and the process fails, try installing it one more time, it will work. So by now we have flashed CWM recovery on mega 6.3. Now we will root the device with the help of cwm.

Root Galaxy Mega 6.3:

Now follow the steps to root galaxy mega.

  •  Place the SuperSU file that you downloaded in the SD card of the phone.
  • Now you need to boot the phone into the recovery mode. You can do that by pressing the Volume Up+Home+ Power button simultaneously.
  • As the Mega 6.3 boots into the recovery mode, select Install ZIP from SD card, and then Choose ZIP from SD card, and then select the SuperSU file.
  • cwm-install-zip-from-sd-card
  • Confirm it, and then flash it on your device.
  • After successful installation reboot the device.
  • Congratulations, you just rooted Galaxy mega 6.3

So this was a short post on how to root galaxy mega 6.3. Now that you have rooted your device, see the list f things and tweaks to do now. Please if you have any doubts, feel free to use the comment section below. And also if you think we helped you, follow us so that we can help you further too. 😀

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