Root & Install CWM Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 without PC

So YOu are probably here to Root your Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 and also to install CWM that is a custom recovery on to your Samsung Galaxy Core i8262. To do se we have a very easy tutorial here which is very simple and can be followed without even connectiong your device to the computer.

Before we start with the rooting and CWM process of your Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 you must be sure what actually you are doing and what are the possible out comes. For this i have made a list if pre-requisites to follow this tutorial.  ALso you must know a few things about rooting like What actually is android rooting ? and things to know about CWM and its Uses.

Root and Install CWM on Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 without PC

Pre Requisites:

Here is a list of things that you would need before you begin with the procedure to root and install CWM on Samsung Galaxy Core that too without using PC.

I Assume thta you have followed and atleast read the above points once to make sure you are ready for rooting your Samsung Galaxy Core i8262. ow you may move to the downloads section of the tutorial.

Downloads Required

Download these files as they would be required in the procedure to root this device. For now the files required for rooting are locked temporarily, to unlock these download links please click on any of the buttons below and help us help others with rooting. Once you click on any of the button below you will never be prompted to do so in the near future, So go Download the files now.


After downloading these files, please continue to the next section which is the actual process to root and install CWM.

Root Samsung galaxy Core i8262 without using PC

  1. Install the Framaroot app which you have downloaded from the downloads section of this post.
  2. Open this installed app and tap on Install Super SU
  3. You will see some options, select ‘gandalf’, see the Image for better understanding.
    Root Samsung galaxy Core i8262 without using PC
  4. After a few seconds you will notice a pop up to make you know that your device is now rooted.
  5. To confirm that your phone is rooted, check the same using Root Checker app from the Play Store.

Your phone is now rooted. Now move on the next tutorial about how to install CWM on your device.

Install CWM Recovery on Galaxy Core i8262:

  1. Install the Rom Manager app which you have downloaded from the Downloads section.
  2. Tap on Recovery Setup and select the option ClockWorkMod Recovery under Install or Update Recovery.
  3. Confirm your device and tap on Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery.
  4. This app now downloads the recovery from the internet and ask for the Superuser permissions. Grant the permissions on the pop-up and wait till you achieve the success message
  5. Go to Rom Manager app and tap on reboot into Recovery Mod. Confirm it and you will boot into the CWM mode.

Root and Install CWM on Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 | without PC

You have now rooted as well as installed the CWM Recovery on your Samsung Galaxy Core i8262. Please share this if this tutorial helped you. Also you can now use these 11 things to maximise the use of your Root aceess.

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All support and issues in the process are taken in the comments. For faster response contact us on our facebook fan page.

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  • after click on the gandalf I got that failed try to another exploit. so pls help me via email …..
    thank u

    kanhaiya lal 2 years ago

    • Hy please make sure that you are using the latest firmware, and the latest version of the app. it works just fine.

      Umpreet 2 years ago

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