How To Root Galaxy Camera on 4.1.2 ODIN Tutorial

If you are looking for a simple way to root galaxy camera 4.1.2, then you are definitely at the right place.

Before you Root Galaxy Camera:

There are some basic things about android rooting that you must be knowing before you start out to root galaxy camera. So if you really have an idea about what is android rooting, then you may skip this part and simply jump to the next section of this tutorial. If not take time to read it.


First of all if you are a beginner you must be wondering what is android rooting? Android rooting is a method by which you manage to get the administrator rights for your device and also get to control almost everything about your android device. And with this blessing, you can perform many tweaks. Also as a matter of fact, unlike iPhone Jailbreaking, Android Rooting is completely legal as android is an open source platform, so don’t worry if that is the case you are holding yourself back. Read more about android rooting here.

Yes, there are many advantages to root your galaxy camera. When you root your android phone, you will be able to perform many tweaks on your device. Like you can increase RAM of your device, play HD games by using chainfire on it. Also if your internal memory is low, you can increase it. And there are many more root  tweaks that you can perform on your device. Also when you root your device, you will be able to flash many custom ROMs.

Also having advantages, android rooting has a decent number of disadvantages too. Like you must know before rooting your device, that it will void the manufacturer warranty. Also while rooting your phone, if something goes wrong you might end up bricking your device. Read about more disadvantages of android rooting here.

About this Tutorial:

In this tutorial will be rooting galaxy camera device, usind the CR root method, and flashing the root file using ODIN multi downloader tool. So follow the stpes carefully, and root galaxy camera.


Before starting with the procedure to root galaxy camera make sure that you have these pre requisites.

    • You will need a Laptop or a Computer for this tutorial to root galaxy camera, as we are using Odin in this procedure.
    • Enable the USB debugging mode, you can do that by going into the developer options in the settings menu.
    • how-enable-usb-debugging-2
    • Also make sure that you have proper drivers installed for the device. You can get the drivers from here.
    • Charge your phone first. it should have atleast 70% of battery left as we do not want the device to switch off in themiddle of the process due to low battery.
  • Disable all the firewalls and antivirus softwares that have been installed on your PC as they might create errors in the rooting procedure.
  • Download the root files for galaxy camera from the download section below.
  • Though rooting does not delete any data from your device, still it is asvisable to backup all your important data first, before beginning with the procedure.
  • Read–> Backup Contacts and Data   Backup SMS and MMS  Backup Apps


Download the files below to root galaxy camera.

Root Galaxy Camera :

Follow the steps mentioned below to root the galaxy Camera using ODIN.

  • First off all Extract both the files that you have downloaded from the download link above.
  • Now launch the ODIN file.
  • Tap on the PDA button, and select the root file for galaxy camera you have extracted on your desktop.
  • Add-PDA-Odin-3.07
  • Reboot the device in download mode. Do it by pulling the battery off, and then inserting it again, and then pressing the Volume Down+Camera+ Power button at the same time.
  • download-mode-galaxy-camera
  • Now connect the device to  PC using a data  cable.
  • If the connection is successful the ID:COM section in the Odin window will turn blue as below.
  • idcom-turns-blue
  • Check the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time boxes in the Odin window and nothing other is checked, as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Root Samsung Galaxy beam with OdinTutorial
  • Now tap on the Start button and the Odin will flash the root file automatically, and on successful flashing the ID:COM sectino will say PASS, and the device will reboot itself.
  • Odin3.07-Flash-Completed-for-Samsung-Galaxy
  • And congratulations, you have just rooted Galaxy Camera using the CF Root method.

So this was a short post on how to root galaxy camera using CF Root method in Odin. I hope this helped. if you have any doubts or face any problem in the tutorial feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Also you can donate to the original developer here.


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