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Do you want to Root Micromax Canvas 2 A110? if yes then you can Root Micromax Canvas 2 A110 right here as we have the best explained and the easiest method over the web here. Also you must know that Rooting Micromax Canvas 2 A110 is a very easy task if you read each step carefully here.

The process to root Micromax Canvas 2 A110 is only for stock OS and on Stock ROM. Well there are a few questions to make clear before we start with the rooting process. What is Rooting Micromax Canvas 2 A110 ?, What will happen after i Root my Cnavas 2 A110 ? How will it Benifit me? will Rooting Canvas 2 A110 will have side effects or any issues ? how easy is the process ? . I know you are pounded up with questions like above. So lemme make the things clear that im gonna take each aspect of Rooting its benefits and every thing in a very descriptive way. im Gonna Divide the post in many different sections. Also read the extra links within the post to make things more clear.

What Do you Mean By Root Micromax Canvas 2 A110 ?

To know what rooting Micromax Canvas 2 Means you actually should know that What Android Rooting Actually means ?. Just head on to this link and read it carefully. Android rooting is basically gaining super user access over your phone which is not given to you by your manufacturer. Accessing Root directories and editing root files is not allowed by the manufacturer and so we need to rot our device to get all the available access to the phone to manipulate for our betterment.

Also dont compare Rooting with Jailbreaking, as jailbreaking is a vast term and rooting is just a 1/3 part of jail breaking. Also Rooting sometimes leads to bricking a device which makes the device as same as a brick and can never be used again. but this kind of situation only arises when you dont read the whole tutorial nicely and then miss some steps and end up bricking your device. Also Read: Disadvantages of Rooting an android Device

Why Do you need To Root Micromax Canvas 2 A110 ?

Rooting doesnt only has disadvantages but Rooting has many advantages to overcome a few disadvantages. Rooting can make your android device a whole new device in a few seconds. you can have MODs and ROMs to change th UI and way of presenting and ussing your Canvas 2 in a new and again a newer way.

What if you are happy with your present ROM a nd you just wanna know that what all can you do with your device when you have Root access and you dont wanna change the UI. Thats simple. Having root access will allow yu to delete all the applications pre installed on your device which just use space and are none of your use. Also you can use application like RAM Xpader that will use your SD card as a RAM for a specific time when you feel like playing a high end graphic game which needs more RAM than your Hardware can Give.

Also Read: Increase Internal Memory with SD Card

Do you want to install more and more Games at one time on your Canvas 2 but your internal memory is not letting you do it . then just be happy enough to follow this tutorial to increase your Internal Memory as much as you can and install as much games as you want without worrying about the internal memory.

So Why Do you need to root your Canvas 2 a110 ?

The answer for this question depends on person to person. his needs and his requirements. are you confused enough to find out if you wanna root or not. if Yes then just play a game. for every reason stated above in favour of “Rooting” as “+1” and every reason against it as “-1” and at the end add these. if you get a value in negetive value then dont root else proceed with the process.

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Ill suggest there are hell lot reasons to root your device. And so you should. Lets just cut teh crap and carry on with how to root your Micromax Canvas 2 a110.

Why to Install CWM over Micromax Canvas 2 a110 ?

Also read What is CWM and what will it do ?

Android is an Open Source OS so when talking about its development, Development never stops. Not only the Android core developers but the door next door developers and even the users contribute to make android a beter OS. while talking about what has it to do with your micromax Cavas 2 a110. Lts be clear. You have a Budget jelly bean android device. but is ut that all you have wanted . so you want a ROM that resembles to the ROM of Galaxy S4? Dont worry just search for it and you have it. The awesome features of the S4 ROm are in your device with alot more tweaks than ever before.

Before You Root Micromax Canvas 2 A110

There are some key things before you root your Canvas 2 a110 . Just read on and apply what you think is necessary.

  1. Make sure you backup all your data.
  2. Backup your SMS. Read : Backup and Restore SMS on Micromax Canvas 2 A110
  3. Backup your contacts. Read: Backup and restore Contacts
  4. Backup apps installed on your phone too. Read: Backup Apps for Unrooted Phones.
  5. Also make sure that your phone is charged at least 90% so that it does not goes of in the middle of the Root Micromax Canvas 2 A110. Also be sure that your computer is set off with the antivirus and firewalls, the cable with the specific drivers must be ready. Get USB Drivers for Micromax Canvas 2 A110  having problem while installing Drivers on PC go through How to install Drivers on Windows 7 PC.
  6. Set Debugging Mode on through Settings>Developers.and hen check the box.
  7. This is a tested and purely safe Rooting guide for Root Micromax Canvas 2 A110 but still if something goes wrong then We are not responsible for any kind of damage to your device.Also Read About Risks and disadvantages of Rooting Micromax Canvas 2 A110

Assuming the instructions above are followed we move further to root Micromax Canvas 2 A110.

Also Read How to increase RAM on android device without Root.

Required Downloads to Root Micromax Canvas 2 A110

Just Download the Files needed to root your Micromax Canvas 2 A110 to make it easy for you to Root. Just click on any one of the buttons below to unlock the download link. The links are now hidden but will be open once you hit any one button.

Root Micromax Canvas 2 A110 on Stock ROM

Below is the easy process to root Micromax Canvas 2 A110 with ease . Just follow the steps and enjoy the rooted android experience.

  • Extract the Downloaded file any where in your PC.
  • Once your computer detects your phone, change the mode of your Canvas 2 device from USB storage to Media Device.
  • Open the files in the folder which you have downloaded and extracted
  • Choose RunMe and click on the file. A CMD screen appears with some options.
    Root Micromax Canvas 2 A110
  • In the window you will be asked to choose one option among Normal and Special. You need to choose Normal Mode by pressing 1 and then hit Enter.
    Root & CWM Micromax Canvas 2 A110
  • Now follow all the instructions carefully to complete the rooting process. Root & CWM Micromax Canvas 2 A110
  • Your Phone will boot a few times to copy some files.
  • and after a little time the CMD will say Have Fun.
  • You have now succesfully Rooted your Micromax Canvas 2 A110. now you can remove your phone and check out for an application in your application drawer with the name as Super Su. This is the proof of a rooted device.

Note : Rooting and installing CWM are 2 different things. its not a compulsion to root and to have to have to install CWM. its just your wish if you feel like you need to change your recovery you can do it by following the simple process below.

How to flash the CWM Recoveryon Micromax Canvas 2 A110

Also know In depth uses of CWM.

  • rename the downloaded file from he above links in the requirements section and name it as “Recovery.img”
  • Rename the file to recovery.img and Transfer the renamed file to your phone SD card.
  • Download MobileUncle MTK tools from Google Play on your Micromax A110 and install it.
  • Open the MTK tools app.
  • Select update recovery option, now choose the recovery.img that you have just transferred to your Micromax A110.
  • The app will flash CWM recovery on your A110 now.

Now you have also installed a new recovery over your device. Now just Go to download mode and have a look of your recovery. Or download Quick Boot application from Google Play to boot into recovery in a second. Now you can install the bets ROMs on your rooted Micromax Canvas 2 a110. Verify the root access on the phone with the help of the Root Checker Pro App.

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