Root and Install CWM on LG Optimus l3 II E425 | without PC

So You are actually here to Root your LG Optimus l3 II E425 and also install CWM over LG Optimus l3 II E425. well to make this very clear this is the place where you can root and flash CWM on your LG Optimus l3 II E425 without even using PC.

So buckle Up and enjoy Rooting LG Optimus l3 II E425 without PC.

I Am Assuming that you know What android Rooting is ? and what CWM is ? if yes the  just Continue of not then you may like to read on these Posts.

Before you Root your LG Optimus l3 II E425 without PC:

This part is written for the guys who are totally unaware about android rooting and stuff. So if you are aware about it, go ahead and skip this section.

As for the other guys, there are many more reasons that you should be rooting your android device. Like you can Increase internal Memory,  Increase RAMPlay HD Games and much more. Also you can flash Custom ROMs on your device. Also there are many more advantages ofrooting your s3 mini. The list is so long that it can be completely discussed here. So if you want to know more about advantages of rooting android device, you can read it here.

Also not just advantages, rooting your device also has many disadvantages. Like when you root your device, you loose and void the warranty of your device. So before rooting you must know well about the disadvantages also. Read about the disadvantages here.
Root LG Optimus l3 II E425 root my android

About this Tutorial:

In this tutorial we will root the LG Optimus l3 II E425. Firstly we will root the device and then we will install the CWM on the device. Now you have a complete idea, what you are doing, then proceed with the tutorial.

Ant to make people clear that Rooting LG Optimus l3 II E425 is a requirement to flash CWM over this device.


Here is a list of things that you would need before you begin with the procedure to root and install CWM on LG  Optimus l3 II E425.

  • First of all make sure that the phone is charged at least up to 70% battery, as you would not want the device to die in the middle of the procedure due to low battery.
  • Though in this procedure you will not lose any data on the phone, but still it is advisable to backup all your important stuff before you begin to root and flash CWM on LG  Optimus l3 II E425.
  • Also enable the USB Debugging mode, you can do that by going into the settings of the device.
  • Backup all your Data and internal contacts on your device.
  • Try this tutorial to do so – Backup Apps for Unrooted Devices
  • You need to backup all your Messages and MMS
  • Try this tutorial to do so – Backup and Restore SMS on device
  • Also download the required file before you begin from the download links given below in the download section.
  • Make Sure you know the DisAdvantages of Android Rooting


Download these files as they would be required in the procedure to root this device.


Rom Manager

After downloading these files continue to the next section of this tutorial !

Procedure to Root LG Optimus l3 II E425 without using PC

  1. Install the Framaroot app which you have downloaded from the downloads section of this post.
  2. Open this installed app and tap on Install Super SU
  3. You will see some options, select gandalf and soon you will see that your phone is rooted.
  4. To confirm that your phone is rooted, check the same using Root Checker app from the Play Store.

Root and Install CWM on LG Optimus l3 II E425 | without PC

Your phone is rooted now. Its time to install the CWM Recovery on the phone.

Install CWM Recovery on LG  Optimus l3 II E425:

  1. Install the Rom Manager app which you have downloaded from the Downloads section.
  2. Tap on Recovery Setup and select the option ClockWorkMod Recovery under Install or Update Recovery.
  3. Confirm your device and tap on Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery.
  4. This app now downloads the recovery from the internet and ask for the Superuser permissions. Grant the permissions on the pop-up and wait till you achieve the success message
  5. Go to Rom Manager app and tap on reboot into Recovery Mod. Confirm it and you will boot into the CWM mode.

Root LG l3 II

You have now rooted as well as installed the CWM Recovery on your LG Optimus l3 II E425.

Thats it Now as you have a Custom Recovery you can see what are the Best Custom ROMs on android

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  • hey guys , i have accidently deleted a system file of my lg e425 due to which i cannot use my device … it stuck on boot up logo of lg.. help me please . if anybody can help me plz send the process of recovering my device in thank you very much in advance…..

    dobib enapuen 2 years ago

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