Best ROMs for Moto G 4.4.4 and 4.4.2 KitKat

Moto G is one of the most successful smartphone from Motorola. And it should, be as the amount of features it provides at that price range is quite impressive. So in this post there is alist of ROMs for Moto G, that I have found and I have compiled them as a list for you. This list in no way is in increasing or decreasing order of performance. No ROM is best, it’s just that what ROM suits you the best. The list has been partitioned in two main sections. Android 4.4.4 ROMS and Android 4.2.2 ROms for Moto G. But before installing Custom ROMs on Moto G, you need to have a rooted device, and also install recovery on it.


Android 4.4.4 ROM s for Moto G:

Omni ROm 4.4.4 :


Omni ROM is comparatively a new ROM. It simply is a advanced version of the Cyanogenmod ROM.  It has all the features of the Cyanogenmod ROm and is equally light and fast. Plus it has one great features, known as the Multi-Window Feature. You must be familiar with this feature, as touchwiz first introduced it but unfortunately it was more of a dummy features, as it allowed only some of the core apps. But in this Omni ROm for Moto G the multi window feature has full support. You can run any two apps simultaneously on the screen. For instance browsing the internet, while texting a friend of your, both at the same time. Also this ROM is based on Android 4.4.4, so you will be ahead of all, and not lag behind your friends in case of the android version you run. Also the omni ROM for moto g is super stable and super fast. So you need not to worry about the performance of your device. You can download the rom from the link below.

 Nexus 5 Experience ROM 4.4.4:


This ROM is basically built from the CM 11 source. It has many features, and is stable and fast too. Also the ROM has complete Dual SIM functionality. This ROM for Moto G brings in many new features like the file installation using AROMA Installer. Also has the famous PIE Controls built in, that have been ported from Slim ROM. Also the  look and the appearance is beautiful, specially the LockScreen See Through blur feature. So as to install this ROM you have place the ROM file on the SD card and then reboot into recovery mode, and Wipe Dalvik Cache/Data/Cache/System and then flash the ROM file and the Gapps file. Download the ROm for moto g from the download link below.

Spirit ROM for Moto G :


This ROM is also based on CM, and also not only this it brings in many features from other ROMs. This ROM for Moto G has many features like App Side Bar, Custom Progress bar, LCD Density changer, TRDS by SlimROms, Notification Shortcuts by SlimROMs, Wakelock Blocker, Screen recorder, RAM bar, Lockscreen Blur, Driving Mode, and much much more. You can view more from this thread. You can download this ROM from the download link below.

OneROM for Moto G:


This ROM based on the Cm11 S firmware. It is from the One PlusOne smartphone. Also Cyanogenmod had announced that the 11S CyanogenMod would count One Plus with a modified version of the  CyanogenMod 11 version. Also it has many interesting features that can be found in the flagship killer one PlusOne device. Also there is a different method to install this ROM on your Moto G. See the Original thread here. So all in all, this makes up a pretty good ROM for Moto G.

Android 4.4.2 ROMs :

Cyanogenmod 11 4.4.3 KitKat for Moto G:


We all know about Cyanogenmod, it is the most widely known custom ROM and known for the vanilla android experience it provides. It provides with all those KitKat features that you would find in the stock 4.4.3 KitKat. Also the Moto G Stock is a vialble copy of the vanilla android, but again it has a lot of bloatware, but the CM11 for Moto G is bloat free. That means, no unnecessary apps in your phone, so alot of free memory for the new apps. Also the ROM is completly stable is has no found bugs. This version of Cyanogenmod, is based on the Kitkat 4.4.3. So if you’re looking for the best of the stock experience this should be your choice, as this is the most light and fast stock vanilla based ROM. But the greatest feature of this ROM is that the Dual SIM function is working perfectly. You can download it from the link below.

Carbon ROM 4.4.2:


Carbon ROM is also another popular stock vanilla android ROM.  It is super fast and super stable ROM, and it also has many advanced customizable options for those who like to customize their devices to a bit without compromising with the speed, off course. Carbon ROM for Moto G, is really a great ROM, as it brings in features from CM, SlimKat, and many other popular ROMs, and it is equally fast. So if you want some customizable features along with the vanilla look, carbon ROM is the right choice for you.

Paranoid Android for Moto G :


So Paranoid Android is here. The ROM is most widely known for it’s great customizable options. And the most popular of all is the display mode, in which you can chose the kind of display your device will have. You can chose it to behave like a tablet, a phablet or a tablet. Also not only this along with this there are many more options in the paranoid android ROM for Moto G. Also along with this, it has the HALO notification system, which has a small circel on the display area, and tells you about all the assigned apps and the notifications. Cool eh?  Also not only the features, the paranoid Android is no less in performance. Also there are inbuilt features t change the clocking frequency of your device’s processor. Also this paranoid android ROM for Moto G is based on the KitKat 4.4.2 version. So you can also enjoy the Kitkat gestures along with a tray full of customiations and ease of use.

SlimKat ROM for Moto G:

Slimkat ROm was basically coded just to get rid of all the bloat ware on your device. This ROM does not have any bloat ware at all. This is undoubtedly the most light ROM present out there. Also not only it is light it also has some really cool features like the ‘Real Dark Interface’, and also it has it’s own control centre from where you can change many things about the interface of this slimkat ROM for Moto G. You can download this ROm from the download link below.

So this was a small list on the ROMs for moto G. If you have any other ROM, that is worth to be included in the list, do comment below. Also if in any case you find any problem, or any download link is broken please do comment, we will try to fix it as soon as possible. I hope this helped you. 🙂

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  • If i install one of those roms (i’ve got a motog) does the system recognise my motog so that i can install motorola apps like the camera?
    I now have PA falcon (MotoG 4.4.4) and my device is recognised as a nexus, so that i don’t have moto apps

    Pierpaolo 3 years ago

    • i dont think that there will be any problems that you will not be able to install GApps or Moto Apps !

      Harshmeet 3 years ago

  • Where are the download links?

    Elfin Slade 2 years ago

    • Right below the images.

      Umpreet 2 years ago

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