Best Custom ROMs for Lenovo a850

Lenovo a850 is a really device, and has many good features and the hardware is pretty good, even at that cheap price. Now if you are looking for best roms for lenovo a850, then you are at the right page. But before you start out to flash a ROM on your device, you need to make sure that you lenovo a850 is rooted. If you don’t knwo how, you can read the link below.


Also when you flash a rom on your device, then all the data on it is erased. So you need to make a backup of all your important stuff before you start out the procedure to flash a ROM. You can read some of the guides mentioned below.

MIUI For Lenovo a850:


MIUI is a brand in the world of Custom ROMs. The MIUI ROM has been developed by a Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer, Xiomi. And they decided that every android device should get the leisure to run the MIUI. In simple words, MIUI is a tweaked firmware, and adds many functions and settings. Also there are many things that have been changed, like this ROM for a850 has no app drawer, and the apps appear on the homescreen and the adjacent screens, which is a pretty cool concept in case of the android. Also the MIUI ROM is known for it’s ability and known for the extent it an be tweaked. You can transform the looks, by simply changing the themes. And there are thousands of themes for the MIUI ROM for lenovo 1850. So in case if you want to change the look, and play around with your lenovo a850, MIUI ROM is the best you can  go with.  You can download the MIUI ROM from the download link below.

Xperia Z1 ROM for a850:


As obvious from the name, this ROM would bring all the interface and the settings you would find in the Xperia Z1 Smartphone, to your Lenovo a850. Not only this, the ROM is completely stable and also it is really fast and performing fast. The ROM has many features, imported from the Xperia Z1 for the ROm for lenovo a850, like the Sony Album, Movies, Bravia Engine etc.

So as to install the ROM place the ROM file on the SD card of the device, and then boot the lenovo a850 in the recovery mode. Now factory reset, and wipe the data. Now flash the ROM file, and then clear the cache and then reboot the device. And all you now need to do is play with this rom for a850. Download the ROM from the link below.



This is a pure AOSP ROM version, and also is really stable. AOSP ROMs are bloat free, and you will not get the unusual apps in your tray, and also the tweaks you get get are good. AOSP lovers would find this ROM for Lenovo a850 really good fro their devices. You will get the KitKat flavor, and with the great optimization techniques. You can know more about this ROM in this thread here.

S121 ROM for Lenovo a850:

This is another great ROM for Lenovo a850. Also the ROM provides, many great optiimzatio tricks, like you can move the apps into the SD card by linerty. You need to flash this ROM via the flashtool. Download the ROM files, and then follow the steps.

  • Switch off the device, and then remove the battery.
  • Now go to the device manager, by clicking on the my computer.
  • Now while opening up the device manager window plug the phone into the USB cable. And as soon as you do it, a pop up will appear, by the name of “MTKxxxxx/Mediatekxxxx”. Right click and click “Update driver”.
  • Now open the flashtool.
  • And then in the scatter loader option, click on the “MTKxxx file”.
  • Above that tick the DA LL
  • And now click on firmware, and wait for 5-7 seconds. and now connect the device.
  • And then the flashing process will start, and it will turn green on completion.
  • And then disconnect it, and then plug the battery back. And then switch on, as usual it will take a bit longer time, do not switch off the device, and then follow the steps that the setup says.

The flashing process is a bit complex, so you can also refer to the orignial developer thread here.

VIBE ROM for a850:


VIBE ROM is another great popular ROM for the lenovo a850. VIBE ROM has many features and cool customization options that will make you amazed. Also the ROM is stable and performs like really fluid and fast. Follow the steps to flash this ROM on your lenovo a850.

First off all download all the files required from the links below.


Now follow these steps to flash this ROM for lenovo a850.

  1. First off all flash the S123 ROM from the flashtool, just as you did in the previous tutorial above.
  2. You also need to install the USB driver on your computer.
  3. Unzip the S123 Rom and flash it via the flashtool.
  4. And then after flashing it, boot into the recovery mode, and then flash the Vibe ROM from there. And then wipe the cache and reboot the device.

So this is how you can flash the Vibe ROM for Lenovo a850. Also you can visit this link if you find any problem.

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