How to Remove Bloatware from Android Device


So you own an old Android Device, and it is getting slow, and irritates the hell out of you? Well here is a post that can help increase the speed and performance of your android device, by helping you delete the bloatware from it. Many of you must be wondering that what actually is bloatware? Don’t worry, read below.


What is Bloatware and Why Delete it?

Before you actually set out to remove the bloatware, you must be knowing what bloatware really is, and how does it slow down your android device?

Well to understand bloatware, let us take a instance of the Bloatware in Samsung phones. When you buy a new smartphone, like a Samsung device, there are many pre installed apps that come along, and make the device look interesting. Like for example, these apps are ( in case of Samsung devices) ChatON, Samsung App Store, Samsung Email assistant, and more and more, and there is no end to it. And these are the least productive apps on your device. Almost 90% of the users don’t even use it. Now what happens is, every app reserves the cache in the internal memory of the device. And as the more the number of apps, more the cache, and less the space vacant on the internal memory which tends to slow down the device.

And story does not end right here, these apps cannot be deleted by the regular user. So the bottom line is, you don’t use these apps, they occupy space, and they slow down the device, and you cannot even get rid of them, you cannot delete them. Here is rooting to the rescue. but when you root your device, you are the supreme controller of the android device, and you get the power to delete these apps with no difficulty. And hence release the significant memory occupied by these apps, which was of no use. And hence the device tends to speed up.

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So this is why you should be deleting the bloatware of the device, and this is how bloatware slows down an android device. So this tutorial would help you get rid of it, and increase the performance of the device.


Well before beginning to delete all the bloatware from the device, there are some things that you should keep in place. Si I have complied them in a list below.

Procedure to Remove Bloatware :

So finally, here follow the steps below to remove all the bloatware apps from your device, so that you can speed it up.

  • First of all, again make sure that the device is rooted, and you have the access to the root access on the device.
  • Now head to the Play Store and download this app.
  • As you can see from the nae, and the description on the Play Store, the app would help you delete any unwanted app from the device.
  • But this app needs root access.
  • Now go launch the app after installing it on your android device, and grant the root access to the device.
  • There you will see three tabs, user downloaded apps, system apps and the recycle bin.
  • As we want to delete the bloatware, which cannot be deleted otherwise, head to the system apps tab, as shown.
  • bloatware-unninstall-master
  • Now select any app you want to remove, be very careful. As if you delete any app which is interfering with the core functioning of the device, then the device may respond haphazardly. Like do not end up deleting your phone app. 😛
  • delete-unwanted-apps-bloatware
  • You could delete email assistant app, for instance.
  • Then the app will ask you whether you want to remove it to recycle bin, this is your choice. Whether you want to save the app so that you can restore it later with a click.
  • delete-bloatware-android
  • So now keep on deleting cautiously all the apps you do not want, i.e., deleting the bloatware from the device.

And when you end up deleting all the apps you do not want, just wipe the cache and reboot the device. it would perform better now, as all the unwanted disk space has been cleared up, and you have not deleted all the system apps, that you were not able to delete otherwise. I guess I helped you in increasing the performance of the device. Read more tweaks to boost your performance here. And also to mention if you face any problems, do comment below or contact us, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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