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Have you ever been reading a blog post in the internet, and then your connection was terminated? It is frustrating, right, having to stop your reading just because you cannot be online.

You are not alone; I also used to feel frustrated and angry at times when that happened to me. But that changed one day when I realized that you don’t have to be online to read a blog post. It is possible to continue reading a blog on your android phone, even after your internet connection has disconnected.

Android operating system has a special application that gives you the power to download a whole blog or website. Having this website in your phone gives you the power to control when you read it; you can read it without any internet connection. The application allows you to download the website in its cache version.

Reading Blog Posts Offline without Internet on Android is easier than ever before. Just read on to learn how to do it.

The application we will be using today is available at no cost. The application can work on any websites, although when the aim of visiting the website is downloading something, it should not be your first priority. In the following paragraphs, I will let you in on a secret that has helped me read any website, at my own convenience.

make sure you have Android 4.0 or later. As for the previous versions this App is not supported.

So lest just get to it and learn how to Read Blog Posts Offline without Internet on Android.

Download Required to Read Blog Posts Offline without Internet on Android

Here is the download link and the Url of the application that you need before going further with this tutorial.

Make sure you have clicked on any of the links above and downloaded the application. After downloading you can follow the step by step guide to use it and Read Blog Posts Offline without Internet on Android

Read Blog Posts Offline without Internet on Android

No more chit chat lets cut to the chase and get things going with this application.
Just read the step by step guide to make sure you follow it correctly.

  • After downloading the application from the app-store, make sure you install it.
  • After Installing the Application , Launch It, you should see a + (plus) sign at the bottom of the screen.
  • This is the button that you click to add a website to your offline browser. Tapping on the button presents a slot where you can type the URL of your website and its title. There should also appear a button with the option to download images.
  • If you do wish to download images as they are on the chosen website, ensure that the button is ticked, if you do not want the images, simply uncheck the button. You should keep in mind that choosing to download images consumes excessive bandwidth. You can press the save button after this is done.
  • You need to ensure that your internet connection is active, or you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection. Give it some few minutes to load.
  • If the URL of your website was typed correctly, and the internet connection in your phone is active, then everything should load without any glitches. A successful load of your website should show display a report with the number of articles on the website downloaded. 
  • You can now cut off you internet connection since you; have everything you need. When all this is done, you are finally able to read this website offline. The downloaded website should look like this:
  • Voila You just Did it, You just learnt how to Read Blog Posts Offline without Internet on Android.

The browsing is very fast since you have everything on your phone. To add other websites, just follow the same process, and you will be choosing the website you want to read by just clicking on it.

Browsing through your websites offline is very convenient, fast and saves a lot of time. But there are certain things that you should know, to enhance your experience.
First of all, the fact that you are not connected to the internet prevents you from making comments on the website postings. Also, the amount of bandwidth used to download the cached version of a website is huge, so you should check it from time to time. Lastly, downloading the website allows you to read everything on the website, but this does not mean that the layout on the browser is the same as the original layout of the website.

As such, you should not judge the layout of any website based on its appearance on your Offline browser. This noted, you can now enjoy viewing websites when you are offline.

Do comment if you find anything difficult in the Tutorial or You can always contact us if you want any help.

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