How Backup and Recover Lost Data on Android Phone


Everyone has some of the important data on their phones. And same is the case for the Android Users. But in many cases, one loses their precious and important personal data like pictures, videos, music, document files, messages, contacts and other stuff on their respective phone. But ever wondered what if that is lost one day? What will you do?

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How to Root S2 Plus GT I9105P Without PC

So if you own a Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, and looking for some ways to root it to perform some tweaks or other root stuff for that matter, you are at the right place. Here is a short tutorial which would help you to root Galaxy S2 Plus GT I9105P without PC, yes you read it right, while following this tutorial you won’t even need a Computer or Laptop. (more…)

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How to Root GALAXY W GT-I8150 One Click Method

So you own a Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150, and looking for some ways to make the phone perform a little better. well there are many options to that, and the best is to root galaxy w GT-I8150, and here is a short tutorial to help you out. After rooting you could simple increase the performance of the device, by overclocking or increasing the RAM of the device. Also not only that, the battery usage can be optimized and you could simply squeeze out well from the what the hardware has to offer to you. So let us begin. (more…)

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How to Root and Flash CWM on Motorola Moto E

So this post goes out for the people running a  Moto E, and looking for a decent tutorial to root moto e, and flash CWM on it. Well this post could help you out. Moto E falls in the budget category, and was launched by Motorola in 2014 and features a simple and a baisc dual core processor. but hey you could always increase the productivity of the device, by rooting it. So let’s begin? (more…)

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How to Use Set CPU to overclock on your Android Smartphone


Looking for some ways to Overclock your device? Well here is a short post, which can guide you to use SetCPU and overclock your android smartphone.


Why to OVerclock using SetCPU:

The speed of your Android device is solely dependent on the processor of the device. Now every processor is set at a certain speed at which it processes the data. The more the clock speed, the more faster the processor operates, and hence faster the device. Overclocking means that you increase the clock speed of the processor over the limit it is set to operate. Now when you do so, it is certain that your device will function faster.
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How to Control DSLR Completely from your Android Device

Today photographic instruments are evolving at a great speed. The need for remote shutters has been present since a long time. And the remote controllers for the camera are really expensive, and also they do not offer much productivity and ease of control. Plus you need to carry them every time, and everywhere you take your camera. now just imagine a scenario, where you could remotely control the Android device using your smartphone. Here is a short post, by which you could control your DSLR camera using your android smartphone, including changing each and every setting and also taking the final shot.

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How to Root HTC One S | Easy Tutorial

Do you want to Root HTC One S ? Well if you do the you must know that this is the easiest tutorial online available which will Root your HTC One S without bricking it.

The tutorial is divided into many sections under headings to let the User know what he is actually doing and what can he do after has Rooted his HTC One S. It is advice to read the tutorial twice before you start to follow the profile. (more…)

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