Overclock Samsung Galaxy Young S6310/S6312

Well you must be knowing the trick of overclocking, if not let me explain it to you in simple terms. Every processor is clocked at a certain speed and desired limit to process the data. now more the speed of procession of this data, obviously the faster your phone will be. And if you somehow manage to clock the processor of your phone above the limit it is set to work, then it would be referred to as Overclocking. but make sure tht it requires you to root your phone. if you haven’t rooted it yet , then read

Root Samsung Galaxy Samsung Young S6310/S6312
Custom ROMS for galaxy Young

Advantages of overclocking:

As said above you could increase the increase the processing speed of the processor in your phone, so the phone would work fast. But there is also a certain limit to which you should be overclocking your Android phone. As overclocking after a certain limit may cause serious damage to the device, also there may be severe heating problems in your phone, as the hardware is not designed to mange and perform tasks at such great speed. So obviously if your are looking to increase your processor speed by 20-25% the trick would do awesome, and work ideally, and there would be very less chances that you would end up damaging the hardware of your phone.

Overclock Samsung Galaxy Young s6310/s6312:

So here is a trick by which you could simply change the clocking speeds of your processor in young s6310.s6312. Follow these steps:

  • Download this apk file.
  • Install it on your Galaxy Young
  • Run it.
  • And done.

Change the clocking speed of your processor as you want. Youn may make your phone a speed monster with overclocking, or also you could be under clocking your processor, to save battery for your phone. Try and play with it. leave any suggestinos and doubts in the comments below.


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