Overclock Samsung Galaxy Ace s5380

 With the help of this post you can Overclock Galaxy Ace s5380 easily.

Samsung Galaxy Ace s5380 is a pretty old device from Samsung, so as usual the Hardware on the device is not that compelling.But guess what thanks to the immense development that this phone has undergone by the third party developers, we have many solutions for the problems it has. As a matter of fact, we now have a Kernel to Overclock Galaxy Ace s5380. Read the steps below to Overclock Galaxy Ace s5380 now.


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Pre-Requistes before you begin to Overclock Galaxy Ace:

You must have these things before we start the process to Overclock Galaxy Ace s5380. So make sure you have these things before starting out to read the next steps of the tutorial.

  • A Rooted Samsung Galaxy Ace s5380.
  • A third part Recovery System installed on the phone. For best results it should be ClockWorkMod Recovery system. Install CWM on galaxy ace.
  • Make sure you have made the Nandroid backup of all your data on the phone, as it may be lost during the process.
  • Space Kernel for Galaxy Ace. You can download it from here.
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 Overclock Galaxy Ace s5380:

Now follow these steps to Overclock your Samsung Galaxy Ace.

  • Now connect your phone via a USB cable to the PC where you have downloaded the file above.
  • Copy the fle to the SD card of your phone.
  • After copying, disconnect the phone from PC.
  • Now reboot into the Recovery mode of your phone. You can do that pressing the Volume Up+ Home+Power buttons all together.
  • Now in the recovery mode, choose the option “Install zip from SD Card”, and then choose “Choose zip from SD card”. Now select the file you downloaded and copied to your SD card.
  • Now the phone will install the kernel on your phone.
  • Once it is completed, reboot your Galaxy ace.
  • Now you need to install the SetCPU app from Play Store.
  • After installing this app, launch this app.
  • Using the option in the interface of the app, increase your Clock Speed to the limit you want, but make sure your device can handle that speed as well. make sure the device is not getting heated up.
  • Once you’re stable with the Overclocked Speed, close the app.
  • You’re Done. Congratulations! You just Overclocked Galaxy Ace like a BOSS.

Also you can revert all the changes you have made to the device, by flashing the official Kernel, or flashing the official firmware of Galaxy Ace. Or you can flash the backup you have made in the Recovery mode, before starting the process. And then reboot, and your device will be as normal as it was before Overclocking Galaxy Ace s5380. I hope this helped and you enjoyed by Overclock Galaxy Ace s5380.

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