Samsung’s New Windows Phone, “Huron” confirmed for Verizon


So FCC has again made some reveals with the upcoming Samsung’s New Windows powered Smartphone. The Device is bound to be having a Verizon LTE band support, and for it will be only available by Verizon. This also confirms that the device will be soon available

The FCC has not revealed much about this device but now we have a few details abut the device like it will have dual-band WiFi, Global 3G antennas, Bluetooth, and NFC.

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Also @evleaks’s twitter has also got to say a bit about this phone, The Samsung Huron will have fairly nice specs a bit same as that of the Samsung Galaxy S4. It will have a 2GB RAM, 13MP primary camera, Quad-Core CPU, and a 5” 1080×1920 display.

There is no Windows Phone for now to stand in a launch comparison for this phone. As also we don’t have any confirmed specs to make this device compete.

Are you excited for this Verizon Release? Comment below !

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