How to Install CWM/TWRP on Sony Xperia Z1 | Easy Process

Do you want to Install CWM/TWRP on Sony Xperia Z1 ? if Yes, then you are most welcome to read the best in depth easy guide on Installing CWM/TWRP on Sony Xperia Z1 within a few minutes. The Tutorial Goes step by step to tell you what do you need to Install CWM/TWRP on Sony Xperia Z1? What do you need to have to Install CWM/TWRP on Sony Xperia Z1? and also what all are you gonna have after Install CWM/TWRP on Sony Xperia Z1?

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So Here you are ! Excited about instilling CWM on your device. I guess you actually know what is CWM and what are its uses and benefits over android recovery well in case you don’t know then please go through the next ,portion of the post and read all about everything.

What does Installing CWM/TWRP on Sony Xperia Z1 Mean ?

So here a question again. What does installing CWM/TWRP mean ? To know its meaning you actually need to know What is CWM ?
now go and read – What is CWM | in depth review !

Actually Installing CWM is nothing but installing an interface on which android itself woks. We by default have android recovery on our devices. The android recovery does not allows us to have many functions and features than custom recovery allows us to have.

So we flash a Custom Recovery so that we can use out Phone to the fullest and can easily install many ROMs and scripts. So basically the next thing that can be in your mind is all the things are pretty fine up till yet but whats the need of Installing/flashing a custom recovery n my device ?

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Why Do you need to Install CWM/TWRP on Sony Xperia Z1 ?

The Basic reason for this is to get more functionality out of your device. By installing a custom recovery we can clear delvik cache, we can clear battery stats.

When you think you want a new ROM on your device. then it time to make flash a new ROM on your device and that will only happen if you have installed a Custom Recovery on your device.

Through Recovery we can actually flash a ROM and withing seconds enjoy the new interface.

Also we can make Nandroid backups into memory cards to install the same backup after a ROM install or a factory reset ! And after Nandroid backup restore we have the device which was earlier with all the apps and data.

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Before You Begin Flashing a Custom ROM on your Sony Xperia Z1

There are some prerequisites before starting with this process.

Required Downloads to Install CWM/TWRP on Sony Xperia Z1

There are some downloads to be done so that to Install CWM/TWRP on Sony Xperia Z1. As the further process needs the files to be downloaded.

The Download links are locked from SPAM. So you need to like or G+ our below and show us that you are social. and the moment you click on any of the button below the links will be visible to you ! Also by doing this you will be connected with us on a social network where we can give further rooting support. So dont wait just get the links !

Place both the files on your Desktop after downloading.

So after downloading the files proceed to the Flashing section of the article.

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How to Install CWM/TWRP on Sony Xperia Z1 ?

  1. Extract the files from the fastboot archive to the desktop.
  2. Enable the USB debugging option on your device by heading to Menu>>Settings>>Developer options>>USB debugging.
  3. Now its time to plug  in your device to your PC through the USb cable. Make sure you use the original USb cable.
  4. Open a Command Prompt Window on your Desktop. To do that, simply hold down the Shift button and right-click anywhere on your Desktop and choose Open command window here.
  5. Now type the following code into the Command prompt.
    adb reboot bootloader
  6. This command will make your device Reboot.
  7. Now just enter this code to flash the kernel on your device.
    fastboot flash boot adv-stock-v3.img
  8. Once it’s been flashed, issue the following command to reboot your device into the newly installed CWM Recovery:
    adb reboot recovery
  9. Now your device will reboot into recovery mode
  10. you can disconnect the cable from your PC.
  11. You have successfully installed the CWM/TWRP on Sony Xperia Z1.

That was it you have successfully installed the Custom Recovery on your sony Xperia Z1 .

Now you can install ROMs onto your device with no worries.

For any queries just head on to the comments section.

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